Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Would Never Pose Nude

 I know you're thinking, "Sure, but you are old and had four babies and are not tan so no one wants you to pose nude." You make a fair point. But even if I were young and in demand, I still wouldn't do it. I don't know why so many people do. Movie stars, especially, are stupid. They always claim to do provocative photo shoots to show that they are grown-up women now. Why not just be a grown-up woman? Ashley Tisdale is the latest I've heard of--I don't exactly Google that sort of thing like some people, people who will now turn up this blog post on their seedy Google searches, SURPRISE!

But here's something I think is even sadder. Check out Corbin Bleu's reaction to the news about Ashely Tisdale. His initial reaction is shock! And then he recovers and says, "Good for her," and "I'll have to check it out," as some kind of show of support. Isn't that a weird kind of support?  I think society is so weird. It's twisted from what I would expect--that the tempered response would be disapproval after an initial outburst of glee. The politically correct, supportive, friendly, cool, non perverted, "nice," thing seems to be to say that you will have to go and check the naked pictures out, as if someone just told you they posted a pictures of their kid's ballet recital on Facebook. "Oh. Thanks. I'll have to check those out."

It's kind of how J Geils felt when his angel was a centerfold.

But it's not just me. Emma Watson marvels, "What an incredible position to be in, to be able to follow my own path ... I'm never going to have to take my clothes off." Some people who were aghast at the Hermione/Harry imaginary love scene in Deathly Hallows part 1 might think Emma is being a hypocrite here but even I'm not that big of a prude. (Remember, that watery, silvery, kissy vision came from Voldemort!)

Just something to think about when you get your ultra sound and find out you're having a girl. Or a boy.


  1. That's refreshing, because I had heard rumblings about her saying she'd do a nude scene "for the right director," of course. Here's hoping.

    And I thought that the TOTALLY NUDE NUDE SCENE was extremely instructive. Good for discussion about fantasy vs. reality.

  2. The other word I hear used to justify naked photo shoots is "empowering." I can't quite wrap my brain around that. I'm pretty sure no one has ever looked at a naked women and thought "Now that is a powerful woman." Maybe Serena Williams. Maybe. Because have you seen her muscles?!

  3. I watched that video and felt incredibly sad. Ugh. (Also, I've never heard of him and am not going to google him or Ashley Tisdale - who have I heard of, but I don't know who she is...I'm so out of it.)

  4. Could I pull off a pixie? I'm hating my hair these days...
    My sister sent me this article today:

  5. Your post (and a couple of the comments) made me laugh but aside from that, I totally agree with the points you made. It is a sad and twisted thing that women feel the need to do this kind of thing to feel "empowered" when really they are just being exploited and demeaned whether they realize it or not. It is also sad that people feel a need to accept this kind of behavior--even congratulate it. Ashley and Corbin, I'm disappointed in you both, but I can't say that I'm really surprised.

  6. They should do a photo shoot make-up free and not airbrushed, and without the aid of plastic surgery--now that is empowering and takes guts!

  7. I've heard nudity called liberating and when I think of my kids as babies, all excited to run around the house with no clothes on, I think that might be true.

    Maybe that tells us something about the maturity level of these people who think they show that they're grown ups by taking off their clothes. They're behaving like babies, freed of their diapers. And just like I'd never subject the neighbors to my naked babies, I don't want to be subjected to these egotistical celebrities nakedness.

    They all need to grow up for real.

  8. As a middle school teacher, I feel like I spend my life trying to persuade young women that exploitation is unwanted attention.

    A lot of them still don't get it.

  9. I would pose nude if it would get me through airport security faster.


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