Thursday, April 07, 2011

Worth a Thousand Words Where Words Are 50 Dollars Each

Every now and then I need to take a photo dump here on the blog. These photos were taken with my iPhone and they are miraculous because the front of my phone has shattered into a million pieces.
 Sweatshirt outfit. Yes. It's a thing.

Rotting onion retrieved out of garbage, painted with a face, and set upon newel post. Yes. It's a thing.
We were playing on our side of the river when we Sam and his friends happened along on the other side. Then, a girl walked up and started talking to them. I texted him, "Who is that girl? Run away." 
 Bugs Bunny? Still funny. Hey batta batta suwing batta.
Boring Day.


  1. Hooray for texting. Shouting across the river might not have gone so well . . .

  2. Rebecca1:08 PM

    Ben is looking so much like Sam. I need to visit before I dohn't recognize anyone anymore. Sigh.

  3. Love that rug!! Ikea, right?? awesome.

  4. Your kids are getting so big. I love these pics!

  5. I love that you texted Sam! My almost 14-yr-old got a text at 12:27 am today, and I was still awake reading. It was some sweet Ashley telling him goodnight. I did a very mom thing and texted back that she should be asleep. He was so embarassed when I told him this morning. I kinda wish I'd just left it alone.

    And I can promise that your MIL did allow your DH (using that because I know he hates it) to be around girls. I think I spent at least 87% of 2 of my high school years with him. I don't think I'd EVER call your MIL less than brave. I <3'd her & Jim, but they both scared me just a little...

  6. Love the picts.

  7. I'm glad it's not called a "sweater outfit". That would make no sense.

  8. Kasey - you can get your iphone fixed for $40. My brother-in-law had that same problem and he got these guys to fix it -
    - well - it was the boise guys - but really - you shouldn't go around with that cracked screen - and you very much should not never ever never pay apple $250 for an easy fix. Let me know if that works for you - Jay Calder -


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