Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Ben turned 9 on December 29th. He had a pretty good holiday break.  I remember feeling so sick and disappointed the night before going back to school after Christmas. Now I don't feel that way, but I'm sympathetic. I felt sympathy for my kids as I shooed them out the door and went back to bed. I was in school for 19 years. I deserve to go back to bed.

Ben asked Santa for a jet pack and a laser gun. You see, he knows those things don't exist. So he asked Santa for them. It was all very meta.

Remember Dumb Donald from Fat Albert?
Ben has never even seen Fat Albert.
He also got this hat for Christmas:

And this bow tie:

 He ate a big meat ball for his birthday, as is his custom:

And he did very well playing Just Dance 3 on New Year's eve.

He spent some time putting Legos together--like you do.
That's Ben for you.


  1. Ben is extraordinary.

  2. Got to love the Ben.

  3. So charming in a Ben kind of way.

  4. Fat Albert is on Netflix instant. My kids all like it.


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