Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm Going to a Blog Conference

Lisa and I are going to SLC for a blog conference today. It's the Alt Design Summit. I'm really excited to go. Nothing makes me love my family more than leaving them for a few days. In fact, it's quite common for me to get homesick whenever I go anywhere. (Then I come home and I'm in a bad mood like that, as if I never left.)

For the conference I got business cards that say "writer" on them. You can get business cards that say anything. It's pretty validating to see it in print. Next time I might get cards that say "sharp shooter," or "maven." At Alt Summit I will meet the Blog Fairy who designed my cards and in a moment I am anticipating to be very surreal, I will hand her one.

I wonder what the conference will be like. Will I meet Dooce? Will I have to flash anyone for beads? Will there be a dance off?  Will I find out that I have a cult-like following among design bloggers? It's possible that all of these things will happen.

Lisa and I are staying off-site at her Aunt's condo. I wonder if she will help me get my boots off at night--I wonder if she knows I am expecting her to. I wonder what expectations Lisa has for me and whether or not I will feel comfortable with them.

So, I'll be off to the big city in a few hours. Has anyone been to a conference before? Any words of advice for me? I've got my food basket packed.


  1. I wonder if you will say "good night" to each other? I wonder what you will wear to the all white dinner ala Sean Coombs? I wonder when you will come to my blogger conference (i.e., HOUSE) in Idaho? I guess never. Good luck and keep us posted. The only conference I ever went to was an African American Literature conference in grad school. I wore my hair in pigtails and was mocked by a majestic, proud, and powerful black woman. Then I left and went to the mall.

  2. I have never been to a conference, so I haven't much advice. But your posts often make me stop and consider the important questions. I think my cards will will plain ivory and say only "Lady Kelly Beeswax." Old School, no contact info.

  3. I've always wanted to try one out but never have. Probably because I don't want to endure the humiliation of being surrounded by hundreds of people who have never heard of me. Can you imagine? I introduce myself and they're like, "Who....?" and then JUST as they start to walk away I could yell out, "I know Kacy!" and then I would command the room.

    Have fun! I can't wait to hear all about it. I assume you will tell us ALL ABOUT IT.

  4. I am officially really jealous. I hope to some day be enough a part of the blogging industry to attend a blog conference. I hope you gals have fun! Vox me the deets!

  5. I have been to lots of conferences - but they all had to do with education - mostly special education but I've been to some that were just about reading. I mostly enjoyed the stay in the hotel - and shopping - there is always shopping at education conferences.

    Once or twice the speakers were even good.

    Have fun!!

  6. conferences= kind of lame, but good excuse to get away. have fun there. i was sad to log in last weekend and find that i had been mere yards away from you on saturday. we did a quick turn around trip to get gram in eagle mtn and had to go into town to Costco and in-n-out. anyhooo, i logged on and checked your blog late that night, then got up,got in my car and drove home. it's just as well, i suppose. having a baby is really crampingmy style all around. i just feel like not such a great stalker lately and I really should show up on your doorstep in my yoga pants with diet coke & ding dongs one of these days just to keep you on your toes. every breath you take...

  7. Anonymous11:57 PM

    OH FRICK, see how tired I am, I signed in as the PTO again, but you know it's me by now, right?-jamie

  8. The only conference I have been to was a new faculty conference in Richmond VA when I was a brand-new librarian. Oh Yeah--Big Time. I was 7 months pregnant and terrified that the guy who drove our van 90 mph in the rain for 2 hours was going to get us all killed.

    I shared a room with a fellow new librarian from a different campus whom I did not know at all. But she was just my age and very nice. And 5 years later we are working together at the same campus.

    The workshops were really fun and interesting actually. And the food was good. Overall despite the rooming with a stranger and fearing for my life en route, it was definitely a net positive.

    That's all I've got. The blog conference sounds fun. But I'm sure you'll make it fun even if it isn't fun on its own.

    As a side note I totally know the feeling of getting in a bad mood after being away from my kids and missing them. (terrible sentence right there but I think you got the gist. sorry) I think it's because I got used to not being bugged by little kids. As much as I love them and miss them terribly while I'm gone, it's easy to get used to the not being bugged part.

  9. Anonymous1:13 PM

    It is your first time see blog conference? hmmmm, selling plastic business cards? what a weird coincidence.

  10. I am pretty disappointed there was no dance-off, now that you mention it. Mostly because I would have loved to see all those fashion bloggers shake it in 6-inch heels.

    I also feel like there probably should have been karaoke.

    (Also, my captcha word for this comment is "gynogync." that just seems worth mentioning for some reason.)

  11. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Yeah, me too I also get homesick when I attend conferences but for now I get familiarized.


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