Monday, January 30, 2012

No Pictures Please: Merchant of Venice

Last weekend my mom and I took the kids to one of my favorite Shakespeare plays at BYU.  It was only 50 minutes, which was sweet. My kids hate having their pictures taken and now even Ellen screams, "Don't put this on your blog!"

Oh, navigating the digital age with children! 

One of my blogging goals this year was to actually sign in to my Instagram account and learn how to put pictures on my blog in a grid-like formation as you see above. Done. People on Twitter taught me how. Are you glad they did?
 Oh, navigating the digital age with myself!


  1. I love the eye pictures, especially. Ellen looks just a tad devilish.

  2. I don't know how to instagram yet. Is it going to frustrate me?

  3. That top picture of Ellen in the collage seems to much.

  4. I've been on instagram for months and still don't know how to do that...

  5. I had to delete something on my blog for the first time the other day because Joey found out what I REALLY think about eleven-year-olds and was really hurt. I knew this day would come. Luckily, the rest of them are oblivious to the blog's existence, so they're fair game.


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