Thursday, January 12, 2012

Resolutions for 2012

We have had such a light winter without snow that I am feeling fresh and springy. It makes me want to make New Year's resolutions--except for the moisture naysayers fretting over the snowpack which will make us very thirsty come August. (It's like you can't enjoy anything.)

Nevertheless, I haven't felt cold and oppressed (which I don't mind) and I think it has led to great optimism. Here are my goals--I'm already working on them!

Stop reading blogs written by people I hate. Sure, I won't have anything to talk about but think of the time I'll save!

Wear Peds. Neat people always wear them. I want to start doing this consistently. They aren't really my favorite, though.

Patch the holes in my walls and paint over them with touch-up paint. I am giving myself a year to do this.

Pretend to be more friendly.

Strengthen my eyes. I am losing the ability to focus on small print close up. People (I'm guessing it's mostly evil optometrists) say you just lose these muscles when you get old but people (I'm guessing it was evil obstetricians) said it was impossible for me to have a *VBAC! What I'm basically doing is Kegels for my eyes.

Stop multi-tasking.

"Like" more people's runs on Facebook. I'm shooting for liking about 3-5 miles of runs the first 2 weeks and I'll slowly work up to liking about 21 kilometers by the end of the year. I'm determined to finally do it this year.

Pretend to be more enthusiastic. (Step 1: Use more exclamation points in texts.)

Laminate more.

Just enjoy it.

Develop a signature pot luck dish.

Sip drinking chocolate every night.

All of these resolutions are just smaller parts of my personal theme for 2012 which is, "Be My Best Authentic Self."  I like the way "authentic" modifies the word "best." My design theme for 2012 is "An Illusion of Freshness." I like the way "illusion"modifies the word "freshness." My family theme this year is, "Quickly I obey." It's ironic, of course.


*Impossible because I've never had a cesarean but I LAUGHED IN THEIR FACES.


  1. Delightful list!

    Tips on being more enthusiastic: Use exclamation points! Raise your eyebrows when talking! Inflect your speech and raise the pitch and volume (this is more difficult than it may, at face value, seem)! Nod your head in agreement and smile when pitch and volume fail! Come up with a standby catchphrase like "You bet!" or "Wow, that's really something!"

    You're welcome.

  2. Back in my college days, one of my roommates was headed out the door for a run when another roommate looked up and said "Whenever I see you go running, I wish I wanted to go."

    And that sums it up for me, really.

  3. Isn't pretending to be more friendly the same as actually being friendly?

  4. I have always found exclamation points to be very useful! They are my signature actually!!!

  5. I think the blogs-by-people-you-hate-induced eye-rolling could be the best Kegels ever for your eyes. So you'd better keep reading mine.

  6. The problem with cutting out the hated blogs is then the writers of those blogs will have to get real jobs. I can't have that on my conscience.

  7. LOVE. I like the way the capitals modify my love of the post.

  8. One of my goals for this year is to not use so many exclamation points. I'm embarrassed about how often I use them, and I'm not even a 'happy' person.

    Wow, it was hard to end that sentence without one.

  9. Oh, the list art of laminating!!!!

  10. pretty sure this is my 1st time commenting here but stay with me:

    "Stop reading blogs written by people I hate"

    !!! we have the same resolution !!!

    only I worded it a little more PC on my blog.

    thanks for making me laugh Kacy.

  11. I love "stop multi-tasking". Awesome.

  12. Anonymous12:13 AM

    I had to google "peds" to find out what they were. Thanks for my word of the day and the hilarious list. :) Candice, in Thailand


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