Tuesday, March 06, 2012

10 Things I Would Change About Myself if I Could

Here are 10 things I would change about myself if I could.

1. I would require less sleep. Even though sleeping less would reduce one of the greatest and most simple pleasures in my life.

2. I would be more oblivious to everything.  I really wish I were one of those people who doesn't notice, for example, that there aren't enough desserts on the plate for everyone and so they just take whatever they want. I mean, I hate those people but if I were one I wouldn't care. Because they don't care. They don't appreciate you not taking dessert. They don't even notice. How would that be!

3. I would be more cheerful. I know the cheerful people are saying, "Then just BE more cheerful!" But I can no more just BE cheerful than they can just BE less annoying. And so here we are.

4. I would be more high-energy. I don't lack energy. I'm just not high-energy. I'd probably get more done if I were.

5. I would not understand people's intentions. Would I give up all the good I've seen if it would take away the bad? Yes.

6. I would enjoy frozen yogurt as a treat.

7. I would enjoy doing things. Imagine having so much to look forward to instead of so much to dread.

8. I would have interesting things to say, effortlessly. 

9. I would play the guitar and have a beautiful singing voice. I would probably be a pretty cool rock star.

10. I would have better handwriting.

But you know what they say, play the handwriting you're dealt.

Is there anything you wish you could change about me? Or yourself?


  1. If you changed all these things would you still be as entertaining as you are? You'd have to think long and hard about it, if that's the case.

    There are quite a few things I'd change about me. Too many to list here.

  2. Don't change a thing.

    Except I'm torn with you on #1, because I've often thought that. But it IS a simple pleasure. . . thought-provoking article, Kacy.

  3. i would change the fact that i agonize over and dwell on everything—what people think about me, what i think about myself, etc. maybe that's a problem everyone has but it is a pretty bad problem for me.

    there are probably other things but they don't really impact my day-to-day like the agonizing does.

  4. also, to add to your list, i would change the word verification on your comment box. sorry, the two words are just turning out to be too much to bear.

  5. I would change your handwriting. It would have made reading letters more pleasant in the late 80s. But really that is all.

  6. I would like to meet and discuss #5 in detail. July good for you?

  7. Andrea12:50 PM

    "I would enjoy doing things." Amen and amen. My husband cannot relate. Surely I would rather hire a sitter, get dressed, check the movie times, get in the car, buy tickets and popcorn and watch a movie than just stay at home, right? No. Not really.

  8. You should''t change a thing. I like you just the way you are! (Put that on your mirror if you'd like for days when you start to doubt) ;)

    I would love to be more oblivious. I'm married to someone who is oblivious and I envy that. He's not bothered by people who sniffle, or take too much dessert, or by the incessant crying of infants.

  9. I would change the fact that you LIKE the Duggar family, and find them anything but insufferable and disgusting.

    Other than that, I like you.

  10. I would make you live near me. Or, at the very least, your cleaning ladies live near me.

  11. I'm with you on number 4. Maybe then I would actually go exercise.

  12. I'd be a morning person. I know it seems easy to rectify just like you being more cheerful, but I swear no matter what time I go to bed, I can not wake up early in the morning. I'm beginning to think it's physically impossible. And I just signed my daughter up for 8am preschool...which is located about 20 minutes away from where we live. Why did I think that was a good idea???

  13. I too would change your word verification - they must think I'm a spy or something because I have to do it a million times before I guess it right!!

    And I'm not a fan of the Duggars either - why are you again?

  14. I wouldn't change anything about you.

  15. This list is almost identical to mine. Seriously, it's freaky. But I would add: love to exercise, and not be a hermit.

  16. I find that most of what you say in your blog is incredibly interesting because you rock the delivery. You don't know me. I live in Seattle. I found your blog from a mutual friend of ours. I think you're hillarious. :)

  17. I would be an extrovert, or--better yet--everyone else would be an introvert. Then we could all get something done for a change.


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