Friday, May 11, 2012

I Am So Sick of Myself: Weekly Round Up

Oh geeze. How do these daily bloggers do it? I'm so sick of myself after two weeks of writing every day for Babble I can barely stand it. But that doesn't mean I'm not cranking out high quality stuff over there! And it is fun.

Here's the Monday Playlist I made. You can listen to it anytime. It's free. I made the playlist before MCA died. I was so happy the spirit told me to include The Beastie Boys on it so it could serve as an ad hoc tribute and when I say lower-case-s-"spirit" I always mean, of course, the spirit of hip hop.

I also posted some timely observations about the high stakes of end-of-year testing while reminiscing about Communist China. Mr. Gorbachev, take down this wall! When and where was that, again? Whatever.

On Tuesday I posted something I've been wanting to do for a while. It's Your Mom's Pinterest Board.

I wrote 10 Things I Hate About Raising You and speculated further on Adult Swaddling.

The Babble authors have a system so we don't all write about the same thing every day--especially when something newsworthy happens. It's called "Dibs." You just send out a quick email and say, "dibs" about whatever you plan to blog about. These embarrass me because it's like, "ADULT SWADDLING! DIBS--seriously guys, please no one else write about this! I call Adult Swaddling." I hope I get used to it.

Today I wrote a post about the thruthiness of Mother's Day hype. SPOILER: It's not a picture of me nursing my three year old on the cover of Time magazine.

If you are wondering if you are mom enough to read it, let me reassure you: You are.


  1. I'll never be sick of you. Never leave. I had fun today(you know what tone of voice to say those in).

  2. This made me laugh so hard, I made tears. No such things as too much you. Well, yet, anyway. Lookin' forward to some burritos.

  3. Your mother's day post was brilliant. I loved it. Genius. This is what makes you Wonder Woman to me.

  4. Remember awhile ago when you wrote about how everyday you do not, actually, write the book? But now you do! And those of us who are always happy to see you in our readers are very pleased.

  5. Oh, so by Your Mom's Pinterest Board today I thought you meant MY Mom's Pinterest Board which is why I asked how you knew how many hits Pinterest Boards get. I thought my mom had somehow pinned the article to her Pinterest Board....seriously - it was Friday.


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