Friday, May 04, 2012

Stop Me If You've Heard This Before: Weekly Round-Up

Here I am doing a weekly round-up like a big girl! Writing posts every day for Babble is pretty fun. I am happy that so many of you have come over to Babble and commented on my posts or shared them on the interwebs. It makes it seem to the other Babble writers like I have friends. Thank you. Here's a link to all my posts. I talked about a lot of stuff this week:

I filched a crowd-holla from Portlandia: A-O!

I got parenting advice from Bruce Springsteen about my son's interest in Clown Camp.

I SAW THE BLACK KEYS IN CONCERT! Oh yeah. My son Sam was there too.

And today, May 4th, opening night of The Avengers, I fly my freak flag high and proud and tight and brazen. Won't you join me?

I felt like the Bruce Springsteen post was my best post--or maybe Freak Flag. I was so thrilled to get 600 page views! But then someone else's slideshow with a vagina purse got over 6,000. So that gave me some perspective. I'm (literally) a freak flag in a vagina-purse world.

Love ya.


  1. So I think its funny that one of your posts last week was blocked by my work's firewall for sexual content (when it had none), but your mention of the vagina purse didn't send any red flags.

  2. Fairy Grandmother5:19 PM

    I'm trying to figure out why Hildie on Beehive And Birdsnest mentioned YOU as the person who clued her in about Star Wars Day. Are you a Star Wars fan? A sci-fi fan? I'm trying to convert my grandkids from Star Wars to Star Trek, which occasionally has an actual science fiction idea in it, rather than simply high-tech war.

    I'm Fairy Grandmother, and I have exactly NO entries under that blogspot name. But any day now, I plan to.

  3. Quite jealous about the Black Keys in concert thing...would've loved that!


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