Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Which Glasses Should I Get?

I'm on the "try at home" plan from Warby Parker. (Thanks for telling me about it, Carina.)  I have five days to decide. I need you now.

The first pair is huge and called the Thatcher. I love the idea of them.

Pair number two (the Fillmore) reminds me of you know who. Not you know poo, you know who. Don't act like you don't.

Next up, the Owen. I'll probably get these. Look! I'm ecstatic.

More of basically the same with the Preston. Why are all my glasses named for men except for the Thatcher? Was Margaret Thatcher a man? I'm so bad at history.

And finally, the Sinclair. What do you think? Which ones should I get?
Just kidding. They're all the same pair. Not really. Do tell me which ones are best. 

If you like the shirt I'm wearing know this: I bought that shirt on clearance on Kohls. I was wearing it the next day when I noticed that it smelled like BO. It was a BO shirt! I washed it. Everything is fine now. That's the end of the story about the BO shirt. But the story of me and my new glasses is just beginning!

Note to aspiring bloggers, photographers, and models: Everything in the above photos is what you shouldn't do.


  1. 1. Owen
    2. Thatcher (gutsy but cool)

    Not the Fillmore. Your hair looks great. That is all.

  2. I love all of them but I like #3 the best. #1 are cool but maybe a little too caricature-esque. We've talked about the BO shirt and the glasses, but may I throw your hair into the ring for a topic discussion? It looks tremendous. I love it.

  3. I love the Owen and Thatcher! You look good in all of them. I need to see them straight on to get a sense of the style. But I love this look for you. And Carly is right--let's talk about how good your hair looks in these photos!

  4. Owen. Although if anyone can pull off the Thatcher, it is you.

  5. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Owen. And yes, impressive hair.

    I used to get vintage clothes at the DI and Savers, way before Mad Men ruined the opportunity for cheap vintage clothes (thanks a lot Mad Men.) Sometimes when you sweat in them the previous owners BO smell will come out. It is disturbing to know that after you are dead and gone your BO smell may live on.

  6. Are you sure they aren't all the same pair? Aside from the Fillmore that is...

  7. I actually like the Preston pair the best. Am I the only one?

  8. I like Owen and Sinclair. They just make you look so smart!

  9. Whatever you choose, make Christian wear the same kind. See if people comment on it.


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