Friday, June 15, 2012

I Also Write for Babble

How's it going? Sleeping in? Staying up late? Eating cereal for all your meals? Sounds about right. I'm still blogging away every day at Do you like that? I like it. I loved writing my Harry Potter post. It made me cry to write it.

Later that night I wrote Today Was a Bad Day. Why? Because it had been a bad day. Sometimes I post twice a day. It's getting very cray cray.

Ben revealed to me that when he was 5, Lenny from the Simpsons was his imaginary friend. So I posted about some of his 5-year-old quirks. Check it out for the classic photo of Ben.

My favorite post this week is I Will be Your Father Figure. In honor of father's day, I thought about the men who shaped me as a child. Turns out, they're all from TV. It wasn't the Babble editors' favorite post. Neither was my Harry Potter post--which I really thought might be a contender! They e-mail us each week to tell us what they liked best. I'm kind of . . . not hitting the mark? Hopefully I'll find my Babble legs soon. Anyway, my favorite thing to do is to watch Christian read my posts. "Which part did you just laugh at," I say.  When he read my father figure post he cried. Aw. I guess he feels sorry for me because my paternal love comes from TV. I don't care. I like it.

I wrote about how motherhood feels singular, but really it's not. Do you agree? Carly postulated that realizing motherhood isn't singular is actually a mothering rite of passage. Carly is my co-pilot.

Then I really brought the firestorm with the controversial, iPads and Electronics at Church? You'd be surprised how non-hot that topic is among Babble readers. I know! And it's like, ALL we talk about! No matter. Goddess was able to weigh in. Galan thinks Carly is pretending to be Goddess. That would be hilar but since she's not, can't we get Goddess at Women's Conference or something? I would take so many notes.

With all the talk about Father's Day I realized--Wait a second! Fatherhood isn't thankless AT ALL. So I wrote about that.

Other weekly highlights? Drinking liters and liters of Dr. Pepper Ten, diagnosing Lisa with pneumonia, watching Rocky with the boys, having a Twitter conversation with myself about things people never said onset during the filming of High School Musical 2 ("Less bronzer!"). See? It's that kind of unbankable, non-searchable stuff that I'm into. It's kind of my niche. Pronounced "neeeeshe."

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, scene.



  1. how did i miss that twitter conversation you had with yourself?

  2. I WISH I were posing as Goddess--you can't make that stuff up! I don't believe your editor didn't also cry during the Harry Potter post. And the father figure post also brought a tear to my eye. So much laughter, balanced with a tear or two. Your babble is like a good novel.

  3. Um, that post about your TV father figures is brilliant. Earmark that one for the Everyday I Write the Book anthology for sure.

  4. Your father figure and Harry Potter posts are my favourite, I loved them. Was your editor asleep while reading them?

  5. You can always repost that ipads at church post on Segullah. I bet it would get a ton of response! I'm really proud of you for going strong on Babble. I would have pooped out ages ago.

  6. I like anything you write at Kacy, keep it up.

  7. Kacy, I don't know if I've ever commented before but I lovelovelove your writing. And I'm so happy you are on babble everyday. Your writing makes me laugh out loud all the time and also kind of reminds me who I am after the kids go to bed.

  8. Your Harry Potter post was fantastic! The others were great, but that one rocked.


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