Friday, July 27, 2012

Every Day I Write the Book. . . At Babble!

If you want something to read while you watch the less engaging parts of the Olympics please consider reading my Babble posts. I write them just for you.

4 secrets to getting your laundry done: How to Get Your Laundry Done.

A slideshow featuring my lame self: 10 Ways I'm a Lame Mommy.

A post all parents should read: Be So Careful, How Sexual Content in Movies Hurts Kids.

I thought this would spark a huge, constructive conversation about the state of education in America, but. . .  it didn't: My Kids are Succeeding in America's Failing Schools. But it really could have, I feel. Must have been a busy day on Babble.

And I started the week out with my thoughts on seeing The Dark Knight: So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World. This is my favorite. I posted it here, too because sometimes this blog feels like chopped liver. And I don't want it to feel like that.

It was quite a week, if you ask me. 

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  1. I think you are awesome. So I tried to comment on your laundry post. But Wordpress told me I couldn't.

    Here it is (proof):

    I have two tips to share! I think both are examples of how gross we are at my house. But they minimize the laundry, so who cares.

    First, don't wash your towels every single time you use them! I noticed I was washing tons of towels in my laundry because my kids would throw their towel in the laundry basket after using it once. Or they would leave it on the floor and I didn't want to make one kid reuse a towel some other kid had used to dry their body. Because my cleanliness standards are so high.

    So I assigned each kid a color and gave them a towel in that color. That way, if it isn't hung up, I know exactly who is responsible and I can require that it is reused. I looked it up and it is okay with the "experts" to reuse a towel 2-3 times. This means that we reuse them at least 7 times before a washing.

    Second. My kids have church clothes, clothing they only wear to church. They only get to put them on right before church (after they have eaten breakfast) and they have to take the clothes off immediately when we walk in the door after church. Except for the 7 year old, who usually colors on his pants or smears the Sunday school treat on his shirt, I get to skip one washing! Yay me.

    I am having anxiety about raising my teen and I am reviewing your book recommendations. Thanks for that.

    Keep up the good work.


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