Sunday, August 05, 2012

I Actually Think Green Hair Suits Me

Do you like it when I dress up as the Joker? Christian is The Riddler but I'll be honest with you, his hat is less Riddler and more Green Hornet. 

As you large-headed folks know, it's slim pickins in the XL size hat section of Tailormaid. I found these blazers at DI many years ago and they just screamed Joker and Riddler to me. I was happy we got a chance to wear them to my friend's birthday costume party last week. I was getting ready in the bathroom while my kids watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I hope it will be a surreal memory for them for years to come--the kind you aren't sure really ever happened: "Voldemort was finally beaten by hundreds of flying Mary Poppins while mom sprayed her hair green and then there was a giant baby?"

"That can't be right. When would that have happened? I must have dreamed it."

I'm still at it over at Here are this week's posts, in case you missed them--which I doubt you did since I've been Tweeting them all like crazy in a desperate attempt to dance for my life. (But the judges aren't Mary, Nigel, and a friendly celebrity judge. They are hard-core Babble readers who love their kids, feel loyal to Canada, and think I'm doing wrong by the dog breed "Pitbull," which is, apparently, not even a dog breed. We will work our way through this together, friends. And I still believe I'll win those Babble readers over, yet!)

I want my kids to be likable: Occupy Parenthood

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Cute/weird parents watching their gymnast daughter compete: Look At Aly Raisman's Parents

An argument for charity and interacting with the world instead of hiding from it: Having Kids Makes Me Care More About the World

It's not too late to make the most of the rest of your summer: Summer Crunchtime: 10 Ways to Make the Most of What's Left

An inspiring Nike commercial that I love: Greatness: We're All Capable of It

 Thanks for reading, guys. All my blogs are dedicated to you. Life is pretty sweet. Sheesh.


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