Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Round Up: Babble

There are bloggers I hate and there are bloggers I'm sick of. But, generally speaking, I think Mommy Blogging is a great thing. Read about the benefits of blogging in my Babble exclusive, "Has Mommy Blogging Jumped the Shark?"You heard me--Exclusive!

My kids started school this week so I did a little slide show featuring Ellen in some of her new outfits. It takes a lot of persuading to mix in a few non-pink pieces of clothing. Next stop: Kindergarten.

And here are some thoughts about Maggie starting Jr. High. I really wonder about whether being paranoid is part of being a good parent and the idea that fear is the opposite of faith has really changed the way I approach parenting. Which is to say, I'm trying to be less neurotic.

In another rare Babble exclusive, I reveal what I saw lurking in the shadows during a rare sleep over at my dad's house. It's been over 30 years, and I still can't un-see it.

And finally, I report on a the findings of a 32-year study which found that good relationships for kids are more important to their well being than academic achievement. Read all about it here.

I'm kind of pretending to be a journalist right now. Stop the presses and all that. Signing off. Hi ho, this is Kacy Faulconer here, and that's news to me. Have a pleasant tomorrow!


  1. You are boss, Kacy. I really like the way you run things around here.

  2. Jen Powell9:20 AM

    "I saw something nasty in the wood shed"


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