Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Found Out Why The Governor Stares at Severed Heads

This interview with David Morrissey was very instructive. First of all, I hadn't realized The Governor was Stephen Collins from State of Play. He and Rick are both Brits. Brilliant.

Of course, I did know that Rick is married to Jethro Tull's daughter. This fascinates me. His real name is Andrew Clutterbuck. I can't think of a more British name, except for Benedict Cumberbatch.

Secondly, David Morrissey has a lot of sympathy for and insight into the Governor. I enjoyed reading his thoughts about him more than I enjoyed seeing Hugh Jackman talk about how innovative his live singing in Les Mis is going to be. (Oh, actors.) Michonne is dead on--The Governor is Jim Jonesian.

He stares at the severed heads to desensitize himself to the horror that is the new normal and also in order to demonize his enemy which is, according to Morrissey, something soldiers do. Interesting. I don't know if soldiers actually stare at severed heads in order to demonize their enemies. I hope not. (Oh, my 10th grade English teacher was right: War is hell.)

The Walking Dead is feeling a little like Lost these days, in a good way.  Glen is coming into his own as a pretty bad A zombie killer. I'm happy to see him advance from zombie bait. I can't wait to see Merle and Daryl reunite. I'm really pulling for those knife-hand, poncho-wearing hillbillies to get back togehter, you know? I guess you could say I'm Team MeDaryl.

But "Judith'? Come on, Carl. That's a turrible name. The baby should be named Matilde Clutterbuck after Rick's real-life daughter.


  1. I love Glen so much know. That scene sealed the deal. I am fascinated by the Governor. He is obviously evil, but not TOTALLY evil, you know?

  2. Agreed. Judith is the worst name ever. Well, except for Reneesme.


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