Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Week in Review

This week felt full in a nice way.  Sam, Christian, and I attended a somewhat fancy lecture by my father in law, Jim Faulconer on the exhortations of Moroni. It was fun to be on BYU campus with Sam. I sure don't miss being a student. Or parking at BYU.

My wonderful, funny, delightful cousin passed away last Sunday. You'll remember her from such adventures as taking me and Carly to U2 in Las vegas when we were teenagers. I am sad that she is gone but happy for the full life she lived, including, but not limited to, being medically transported from the hospital to see Les Mis in a movie theater on Christmas day a few weeks ago. The funeral was Thursday—the first one for my children. It was a nice blend of LDS and Jewish traditions since my cousin converted to Judaism many years ago. Some of her last words, remarkably, were "Funeral potatoes, no ham."

One of Christian's franchises was on Shark Tank last Friday. Since then, he has been fielding sales calls (around 2000 leads) every 15 minutes, pretty much around the clock. It's very interesting, especially since the sharks didn't even offer a deal. But they were positive and the editing was kind. It's amazing what TV can do. Also, if you'd like to buy a Sub Zero franchise, you probably can.

But mostly, I read and I write and I don't do much else. . . except for raising kids. Idyllic, I know.

This week's Babble Posts: 

Should I Vaccinate? What You Need to Know About HPV

Why You Should Get Over Yourself and Get a Minivan

Pedophobic Teacher Sues School District for Discrimination 

Real-Time Grades Let Parents Help Before It's Too Late

The Not-So-Charming ABCs of Germs

That's it! That's every pair in the place. Unless of course you'd like to try. . . The Cruel Shoes.


  1. You handle it all with wisdom and grace!

  2. I saw the shark tank episode. And, I love Sub Zero - so yummy. I don't wanna buy a franchise, I just want them to come and make me ice cream while I watch a movie.


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