Monday, February 04, 2013

Another Foster Dog, Oh Dear

I thought I had gotten over my strange, sick, compassion for dogs. I have new basically white carpet and everything.

Dang it all, Facebook. Why do you let animal shelters and dog rescues post photos of dogs with death sentences? So many dogs have been abandoned this winter. I totally don't even care. I really don't. I hate my dog. I hate dogs. Seriously, I do. They are a pain.

It must be how gamblers feel. I just start looking at their pictures and reading their sad stories and I get obsessed with it. It is definitely kind of weird. I love taking them in—Giving them a bath and taking them on walks. I just really do like it. I like the sound of dogs eating dog food. It's not normal.

This time the kids saw me checking out dogs online and Maggie got the fever, too. She asked if she could foster a dog for a few weeks as part of one of her Personal Progress projects. How could I say no?

So we have this little Border Collie mix for a couple of weeks. I hope she gets adopted soon. She's a good dog. Her name is Lucy. She is housetrained.


  1. She's so cute! I would adopt her but I already fallen for your trap.

  2. I love border collies. My family had one for 13 years and they are extremely intelligent. Ours would literally pick an ear of corn out of the garden, take it into the shade, SHUCK IT, and then eat it and carry the cob back to the garden mulch pile. Border Collies are also originally cattle dogs and the instinct to herd is strong. When my mom would call us in from the yard for dinner and we would all run the same direction, she would "herd us in" by playfully nipping at our heels to keep us all together until we got to the door. It was hilarious.
    I miss her, but would be an awful dog owner for another five years, at least. I can vouch for how sweet and loyal this breed is though.

  3. It's true. I've gotten dogs for all my sisters.

  4. I had a fantastic dog growing up. He was brilliant. For a dog. He won the ward talent show once with his maths. My mom (a speech therapist) taught him to say mama. But I can't pull the trigger. My kids beg for a dog, and I tell them: you got a baby brother instead of a dog. Then they taught Joey to fetch.

    You are such a nice lady, but now I'm stressed out about your carpet.

  5. Stop this nonsense. If I was ever going to have a dog (which I'm not), it would be a Border Collie. My grandparents had them as working dogs on their farm in England, and they were fantastic.

    Lucy, stop looking at me like that.

  6. Ooooh! Health care business...

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