Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Links

I'm happy to provide you with some links. Happy links!

I forgot to tell you that a few weeks ago I was out frolicking with the dogs in my woods and I fell through some ice into thigh-high freezing water. As I struggled to got out the ice kept breaking under the strain of my body. It was cold and I was shivering. I made it out and warmed up. I had lots of slivers in my hands, though, from grabbing blackberry bushes for dear life.

You just never know what will happen to me.

And here are my Babble links:

My Kids Are All in School: What Now?

How to Start a Book Club

10 Business Tips for Bloggers

What Real Mommies Do: A Bittersweet Mothering Moment

 This week I took Nina Garcia's advice and bought a 6 pack of white Hanes Men's v-neck t-shirts to layer under cardigans. I read some good books. I'll tell them about you asap. I made some gross dinners so no recipe links. You can wrap a crescent roll around a hot dog on your own. Happy links!


  1. Lately, when our Netflix is being used by too many people--a frequent problem--and Max wants a "tshowww!" I turn to Hulu because they have The Electric Company. Cosby is a good-looking youngster. Morgan Freeman on the other hand, well, he looks better now.
    Also, way cool about the ice. Did you feel like an olden days character from a book? I feel like that happened more back then. Was it stagnant water? I'm worried it was stagnant water because that's worse. Falling into Stagnant water/ice freezing and gross.

  2. Also, was it instant or did you hear crackling and decide to ignore it? Did your dog hesitate and you tugged on her collar and said "come on pup, what are you afraid of?" Maybe you should trust your dog's senses more. They know about stuff like that.

    1. The water was stagnant, yes. So that's gross. And the dogs walked on the ice and even though I thought to myself, I know I way more than they do so it probably won't hold me I just charged forward with an adventurous spirit. I'll never do that again.


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