Friday, March 08, 2013

Finally Blogging About Something I Care About

I've got a new beat over at Babble. They asked me if I wanted to move from the Kid section to the Entertainment section. I said yes. I can finally blog about something I really care about!

I like to think of this as a promotion, but that might be a little optimistic on my part. I find that I'm feeling a little  Benedict Cumberbatch in a Kim Kardashian world. The entertainment section includes Humor, Tech, Books, TV& Movies and all the Celebrity Mom stuff. So it's right up my alley—my moody, cobblestone-lined alley.

I still have so much to say about kids and parenting and I will keep saying it here on my blog. I'm really happy for a change in topic at Babble, though, because my kids are getting older and they read my blog and the stories I tell are less and less my stories and more and more their stories.

It's getting to where writing meaningfully about my kids is an invasion of their privacy and as they interact more and more with the world the stories/struggles I would normally share involve their friends, other parents, and teachers. It's not appropriate to be peddling it on Babble. Or here, probably. So that's that.

Even though I sort of joke about being bad at writing "clicky" things and acting like a stuffy old English teacher who thinks slide shows are for sell-outs, I am really trying to learn more about web content and clickability and snappy headlines. I even checked some books out about it from the library. Ahem. This tweed waistcoat is itchy.

The fact is, I just can't force myself write about Honor Alba. That doesn't mean I will never write about Honor Alba. I might. There's no way of knowing what my muse will tell me to do. It comes from God's mouth to my ear and I comply. I'm just a vessel. And this week my muse whispered (it's a whisper, but it's FORCEFUL), "Is Richard Simmons wearing pantyhose under those short-shorts?"

Look How Weird Richard Simmons Is

How Will Binge Viewing Change TV?

How to Nurture the Soul of Your Family

A Taylor Swift Breakup Primer

Rachel Zoe is Tested as a Full-Time Working Mom


  1. Hey Kacy, the Richard Simmons link, takes us to the Binge viewing post. Which is good, but I REALLY need to see more about Richard.

  2. Fixed! And here's the link:

  3. How to say this... I'd go up Benedict Cumberbatch's alley any day? No, that is surely not it. How about, I'd prefer reading about Benedict Cumberbatch to Kim Kardashian every single time.

  4. We all need a little high quality "junk food" in our reading so it's a treat to read about entertainment stuff when written by such a talented writer. Somehow makes it seem less "unhealthy". And Rachel Zoe - I love!

  5. So don't get me wrong when I say this, because I LOVE your parenting stuff and please do keep that up here...
    BUT I LOVE your voice on entertainment stuff even more. You have a way of getting to the heart of that stuff like no other. I admit I'm an entertainment junky and I love that you are too. Can't wait to read more and more!

  6. Man I love your sense of humor. Will you please still blog about how great your kids are to give moms of tiny guys like a me a little light in the tunnel of little-kid-dom? Love your blog! Makes me laugh every time, no matter the subject!


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