Friday, March 15, 2013

This Week

This week I got a new foster dog, Annie, and her 5 puppies. They are 2 weeks old. Annie and her puppies will be up for adoption in about 6 more weeks.

Puppies are a lot of work. I'm going through a lot of bleach. I'll post puppy pics when they get a little older. Look forward to that.

I've been covering the Entertainment channel for Babble. Here's what I've been working on:

My Beef with Spring Breakers This is my best post of the week. If you only read one from me this week, read this one about Selena Gomez's new movie. I have issues.( You will too.) 

Michelle Obama Looks Bangin' on the Cover of Vogue Get it, bangin'? Because of her new bangs? This post has a great quote from her about keeping her family whole.

For Rachel Zoe, Every Day is Take Baby to Work Day I'm recapping the Rachel Zoe Project, because I like it and they said I could. Even though recaps don't get very many page views.

Why is the Sky Blue? WHY IS THE SKY BLUE? Here's a video from PBS that explains why the sky is blue. So your kids can quit asking.

Coolest Harry Potter Prints In celebration of the new Harry Potter book covers Scholastic is releasing in September.

How to Save Money Like an Extreme Couponer These tips come from an actual, real-life extreme couponer. She sent me her book. Ima read it.

And here are a couple more fun videos I posted:

Clever french commercial

College student upstaging Billy Joel on piano

Finally, here's a creepy look at a show I'm going to watch and be afraid of on Monday, Bates Motel—It's a Psycho prequel. Yikes.

Now you're all linked up for the weekend! I'm off to do my puppy chores.


  1. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Most of your links don't work :-(

  2. Babble's down for maintenance this weekend. Thanks for trying!


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