Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Do You Want an Empty Life or a Meanigful Death?

 I just saw Oz The Great and Powerful with my kids for Spring break. I liked it a lot. It's good. I read a lot of reviews that didn't like James Franco in it. But I thought he pulled if off just fine. But before the show I saw something that made me get tears in my eyes and suppress a dry sob.

It was this:

I have grown to love Iron Man so much. I even love Pepper Potts, which is a lot for me. I think, though, that I was most stirred by Cheadle in the red white and blue suit. I mean, am I suppose to stand and put my hand over my heart when I see that? I forget the rules.

You know, when Joss Whedon saw Iron Man 3 he was all, "Great. What am I going to do for Avengers NOW?"

That bodes well.

And I just ate a giant chocolate carrot while I wrote this. All in all? Not a bad day.


  1. Cried. I love Don Cheadle so friggin much, and I feel about Gwyn in Iron Man the way I felt about Anne Hathaway in Batman--against all odds she doesn't ruin it. Holy crap I love this franchise.

  2. There are some KILLER movies coming this summer. Can't wait!
    IronMan 3? Yes, please.
    Superman? UmmmHmmm
    Fast & Furious 6? You betcha!
    Just to name a few...

  3. I just saw Oz today with my kids too. It was good but everyone was more excited about the IronMan preview

  4. Fun fact: Iron Patriot in the comic universe is actually Norman Osborn when he used Amalickiah-ian tactics to take control of S.H.I.E.L.D. away from Tony, commandeering and repainting his armor to capitalize on the nation's fragile mindset after the Skrull invasion. The movie directors have said that their Iron Patriot has nothing to do with that one, they just liked the look, and applied it to their story. I think it will be great. Supposedly the after credits will set up for Guardians of the Galaxy, I'm looking forward to Andy Dywer starring in that.


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