Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hey Guys

Hello there. How are you? Fine, I hope.

I've been so busy lately, which I hate. I hate saying that I'm busy because everyone says it and everyone is and it's really obnoxious.

I also hate actually being busy. I work so hard to maintain long stretches of down time to use for reading and blogging and that time has been encroached upon more and more lately. No one thinks reading a book is a good enough reason to not do something else. Sigh. So persecuted.

Newsflash: It's better in many ways to have big kids. But when you don't have babies anymore, all of the sudden you're fair game and it's hard to say no. Hard, but not impossible. Learn how now.

Incidentally, I have a new calling as a counselor in the Stake YW Presidency. (But then, you already guessed that from my Pinterest Boards.)

Still blogging away at Babble though. Here are April's posts:

Some of Media's Most Influential People Are Parents

Google Fiber Coming to Provo

Let Brian Eno Soothe You in the Hospital

Michelle Williams Focuses on One Thing at a Time

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell Team Up for New Album

How Did He Do It? Sherlock Pics Suggest Spoilers

Gloria Steinem Says to Lay Off Kim Kardashian's Body

Can you believe it? I wrote my first Kim Kardashian post for Babble! (Hopefully, the first of many.) I feel like my analysis of the Sherlock pics is my first true scoop. I'm proud. That should tide you over. But if it doesn't,

Meg Ryan and Daisy True

Call the Midwife is a Great Show

How to Get and Stay Creative

Jeremy Renner Becomes a Baby Daddy

If Only My Kids Would Follow Tim Gunn's Golden Rules

What Kids Learn From Super Heroes

Roger Berman: 10 Things I Love About You

Celebrities Who've Written Children's Books

I know you're too busy to read all of them. But I want you to treat yourself to at least a few.

Have an uneventful day!

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