Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer is Getting Away from Me

So, summer got away from me. Being at Girl's Camp the first week of summer killed all my plans for structure, summer bridge, family fun, routines, and any semblance of order. I'm still catching up. In the meantime, my kids are staying up late, sleeping in late, doing "chores" sporadically and begrudgingly. The only routine we have fallen into is the absence of routine except for the daily fighting and me getting mad and forcing my kids to read in their rooms where they go to text their cousins instead.

Not that Girl's Camp wasn't worth it. Because it was. Just don't post your cute laminated Summer Spinwheel in radical fonts of balanced food, job charts, and learning games. I can't bear it. Actually, do post it. What do I care?

Ugh. I also had to speak in church last Sunday, which just about killed me. 

Then again, this week was my Birthday week so most of our routine-interuptus was caused by me going to lunch, watching long stretches of TV, going to movies, and greeting well-wishers with large Diet Cokes. I love my birthday because on it the people who love me come out in full force and I really love the people who love me.

So I'm having a great summer. It just feels a little out of hand. But that's OK.

If you remembered it was my birthday but you didn't get me anything, just read my Babble Blogs. It's your gift to me. Here are the best ones from June (so far!).

The 9 Worst TV and Movie Moms We Love to Hate

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Jim Morrison Thinks Fat is Beautiful

Duggar Daughter-In-Law Becoming a Great Mom

Oh my gosh, SPOILER: Can you believe Josh and Anna are moving to DC? How will they cope? I'm glad they are going. It will be such and adventure. I love the Duggars.

How do you like my Jim Morrison image? I totally made it myself. He's pointing at the sign that says "Fat is beautiful." He's trying to get your attention. He's all, "YO. Check out this sign I'm pointing to with my finger." Well, he only points to it if someone fat walks by. Because it only applies to them.


  1. I love all these babble posts! I watched them all, but I also do have a birthday gift for you. I am bringing it when we come down. Just in case you wondered.

  2. Our school is nearly over (end of June) and we are already staying up late, sleeping in, and out of our routine in general. I made my older kids get summer jobs so they can not be too lazy and of course make some money. Good luck with the rest of your summer!


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