Friday, July 12, 2013

Is Being a Stay At Home Mom Good for Me?

Sometimes I wonder if being a stay at home mom is good for me because even though I interact with others and work part time, my life with my kids is relatively insular. I like it that way. More and more, interactions with the outside world fill me with disgust. I sometimes wonder if working full time would make me more tolerant of people I hate. Christian works with all kinds of horribles and deals with awkward, mean, crazy people every day. He's used to it. I wonder if I would get more used to it if I had a full-time job, or if having a full-time job would just make me sad and mad all the time.

One time we were staying overnight in Las Vegas on our way to California. I hate Las Vegas. In the morning Christian and I were deciding which one of us should go pick up some breakfast while the other one stayed in our room and got the kids ready. Sam (around age 10) said, "You go, Dad. Mom shouldn't have to go out into the cold, cruel world."

He was serious. (And he was right.) Some people will say that it is a gender thing, that women are delicate and sensitive and men are tough and can deal with things better. I don't believe that at all. I've known many cases where the opposite is true. And being cognizant of the failings of people has not much to do with my own toughness.  But sometimes stereo-typical personality traits do happen to fall along gender lines.  I think this is cultural, more than anything else.

People. They're the worst.

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  1. Oh Kacy. Some of your posts prove to me that we're very different people and it's a good thing you write those on occasion because other times, I think you must just be me in another body teleporting back and forth to another family and town. This is such a great post and I see myself in it so much. I sometimes force myself to get out and be sociable just so I don't become a recluse.

  2. Reminds me of an inappropriate quote from IT Crowd: "People! What a bunch of bastards!"

  3. DITTO to Karey's comment.


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