Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Side By Side to End this War

"Lead me, guide me, walk beside me."

I am in love with this trailer—not infatuation, true abiding love.

Maybe you don't know. Maybe you don't care. But during the stinger of The Wolverine the scene was set for a very special collaboration between Professor X, Magneto, and Wolverine. On May 23 it will come to fruition and I can not wait.

When Magneto says, "You'll need me as well," my heart stopped. And it was only restarted by the jolt of hope that, at least in the Marvel Universe, former enemies with differing political ideals can shake hands across the aisle, cast aside their differences, and send a non-aging mutant with an adamantium core back in time to lead them to a new destiny.


  1. This is the best thing.

    Also, were this world to happen for real, as soon as I saw which way the winds were blowing I would marry the nicest mutant who'd have me to ensure my children's place in the new society. It only makes sense.


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