Thursday, November 21, 2013

Writing Round Up

First of all let me just say that while I don't hate Tom Cruise, I wouldn't say I "sympathize" with him. Yahoo picked up a post I wrote for the Entertainment section at Babble called, "Katie Holmes Wanted to Protect Suri from Scientology."

The Babble editors added on "—But I Side with Tom Cruise." See? I always say I'm no good with titles. Yahoo changed it up even more: "Why Being a Mormon Makes Me More Sympathetic to Tom Cruise"

As you can imagine, an article about Scientology and Mormonism brings out the best in the people who not only get their news from Yahoo, but also sign in and comment on it. Interesting folks over there.

1000 comments later and I mostly just wish I could have given them a better piece of my writing for so many people to see. But I stand by what I said. There are a lot of reasons to make fun of Tom Cruise, and Scientology is one of them. Nevertheless, as a Mormon I feel a bit sheepish doing it because a lot of people think Mormonism is just as weird as I think Scientology is. And 1000 comments prove my point. I only read a few of the comments. Don't read them or feel like I want you to defend me. Its not actually a very good article, which a lot of people pointed out.

I just want to say to them, people, please. I put my magic underwear on one leg at a time just like everyone else.

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I really want to read Game of Thrones. I tried to watch it but as a Mormon Scientologist I found it objectionable: I named this post "10 Awesome Handmades Inspired by Game of Thrones" in a hurry, and it just makes me cringe every time I see it pinned. I mean, "handmades?" The commenters at Yahoo would really hate that. I hate it too. See how I have no integrity anymore? I really need to re-read Dianetics.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I just want to say, I think you are awesome. The magic underwear line? Brilliant. I am going to physically restrain myself from going over there and reading those comments. I know it is bad for a person to do so, but it doesn't mean I don't want to. Carry on with your bad self, because: you are awesome, as I previously said.

  2. Sorry to be such a stalker and comment on two of your last three posts, but I would be so ungrateful if I didn't stand and say how much I enjoyed that magic underwear line. Beautifully crafted.

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