Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nuts to the Flabby Guys

I know it makes me seem a thousand years old to share this but it's burned in my memory. Plus my school was always 10 years behind everything so this was my grade school work out. We even did it for some kind of assembly in the gym. We had to wear dresses for the rest of the performance but we had shorts on underneath so when we went down to do "bicycle"with our legs in the air we BLEW EVERYONE'S MINDS.

It seems so lame to me now but I remember it being quite rousing. This was all before irony, guys—if you can imagine.


  1. My kids' school must be like 50 years behind because THEY DO CHICKEN FAT EVERY DAY. I guess the song is different now. Who knew?

  2. I remember this! Not from school though - I think my Mom exercised to it. Hilarious!! Thanks for the memory!

  3. While I was listening to it my kids were into it and doing the actions! Very catchy.

  4. I had never heard of this as a kid, but David did this song in PE all the time. A few years ago he made a copy of it so that he could give it to our kids' teachers. They do it in class now, too. Just spreading the good word...


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