Tuesday, April 22, 2014

SiriusXM Gives Me Clarity

I love satellite radio. I have it in my car. It's one of my favorite modern luxuries, except for the swear words in some songs and the insufferable Madison (who, it must be said, spins some good tracks.) They sometimes play exclusive versions of songs recorded at their studio. These versions can be GREAT. 

Love this. It can't be easy to do live. Ay ay oh. Ay oh.

But this made me SICK. I heard 1975's "Chocolate" on the radio and made a mental note to look up some of their songs but their in-studio version is just the grossest thing. I hate it so much.

Don't skim this and think that I like the above video because I don't. I hate it. You might say to give their other music a try but now that I've seen and heard the way these words come out of his mouth there's just no going back. Pronounce a mid-word consonant, buddy, or lose me forever.

I love NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts too. Look at the XX's Tiny Desk Concert! Bless their hearts. I love them. Look at them. Listen to them. The silence is like a 3rd instrument. So great. I know you think I look exactly like her but I didn't wear braces in junior high for nothing, so.

Why do I love them and hate 1975? Who can say. The heart wants what the heart wants. My heart doesn't want Death Cab for Cutie either. Go figure!

The Civil Wars are so much the real deal. This hurts me to watch because they hate each other now. It's bittersweet. I keep looking for early seeds of dissension. My guess? Love affair gone bad.

You can't hide your love from us, guys. But you're married to other people. I hope things work out for the best.

Also, YEAH MAN. Marry me.

Give them a million dollars–or a billion—whatever is a lot in show business these days.


  1. That 1975 song was as awful as you said. Another terrible song is that "Let Her Go" one because the guy sounds like Glomer. What is his problem? Did he inhale helium before recording? I hate this song and I hate him for singing it.

  2. i love alabama shakes - and had actually spent most of my morning looking for affordable tickets to their sold out show in dc.
    as a side note - i don't remember this when i was younger - and it was likely also the type of music i mostly listened to - but with the kinder, gentler style of the last 5 yrs or so - i pretty regularly get seinfeld's voice in my head saying "i can't watch a man sing a song".

  3. I have a niece from Wellsville who flew up here to Washington, just to go to the 1975 concert in Seattle last week. I just watched :51 of that video. I think she should have saved her money.


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