Friday, January 08, 2016

Dogs Are Resurrected but I Personally Have Saved Many from Death

In Sunday School a few weeks ago we studied Revelations and I noticed that animals are resurrected, as clarified in D&C 77:2. This is great news! It's so cute to imagine. Nevertheless, sometimes I see a dog who will be euthanized at an over-crowded shelter and I hate to think of it being put to sleep, so I foster it though Rescue Rovers.
You know the only acceptable place to get a dog is from a rescue, right? There are too many unwanted dogs already so we shouldn't encourage breeders even though I sometimes dream of becoming a backyard breeder and Ellen LOVES The Puppy Barn. But if you want a dog, adopt one. I can hook you up. And if you hate dogs and don't want one, I feel you. There is inevitably a part of every day when I hate my dog so I understand completely.

Be that as it may, look at all the dogs I've saved!

Here's Gerti, the adorable Wheaten Terrier who loved to sleep with Ellen. 

And this is Winona, who I unwittingly got an abortion for.

This is Ezra, now known as "Dave" by his new adopted family. He came from New Mexico on the back of a truck loaded with piles of kennels tied together to escape a high-kill shelter. He wouldn't even walk. I carried him outside and back into the house until he was cured by my full-body hugging love therapy. He's the only dog I've ever had to use this on which equals proof of concept for my full-body hugging love therapy. He's probably the best and noblest dog I've ever met.
I'm not going to lie, I kind of hated Toodles. (Her name itself conjured this frustration.)  But she was a good little dog who looked like a miniature cow and deserved to find a loving family, which she did.

George was dropped at the shelter on Christmas Eve. Who does that? If you're me you're bringing out the animals you've been hiding in your closet for 2 weeks on Christmas Eve—It should be a coming out time for pets, not a going to shelter time for pets. Still, I don't judge. Christian and I had to take 2 of our dogs to the animal shelter once because they were killing our neighbor's livestock. I hope I have redeemed myself for those two dogs I couldn't keep from digging under our fence by helping other dogs. 
Not only did I foster this green-eyed dog named Annie, I fostered all her puppies, too, until she ran away from my backyard along the river trail with my own dog, Frances (who returned that night, bedraggled), and came back two days later having decided to wean her puppies and and to move on with her life. Two days away sometimes does that to moms. 

And there have been more! Many, many more. Just know that I love dogs. I won't watch your dog while you go on vacation or teach your dog any tricks. I'm not good with dogs and they don't particularly like me but perhaps when we are all resurrected things will go more smoothly. 

Remember, you can foster dogs too. If you're interested in a dog but not sure—try fostering it. You may just hate it, and then you'll know. You may just love it and want to adopt it. Or, like I do, you'll enjoy spending a couple of weeks with a dog and taking care of it until a permanent home can be found. It's pretty fun and, contrary to what most people think, it's not hard to give the dogs away in the end. I'm always excited for them to go to their new home.


  1. I hate dogs, even my own, and I really liked this post. you are a good human.

    1. I really want my blog to a place for people who love dogs to freely express their hatred for their dogs.

  2. My dog is getting old and cranky and totally exercises selective hearing (yes he can hear the fridge opening, no he cannot hear me telling him to get off the one nice piece of furniture I own), and I love him so much and I hate him too. I often wonder what craziness makes me want an animal to live in my house and be smelly, and wreck things, and bark like a maniac and whine to go outside in the middle of the night, and OH MY GOSH, why do I have a dog? Oh right, I love him.

  3. I appreciate that you gave created a safe place for me to express my confusion as to why anyone would want a dog. I'm glad there are people like you who can care for dogs for a time.

  4. This is a safe place for all, Lisa.

  5. I love this post with all my heart. I also love my dog - all day, every minute in his total perfection. He is my patronus. I'm not sure if that can technically be true, but I feel it. Thank you for your pro-creature, pro-love blog on these amazing creatures.


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