Saturday, February 06, 2016

My Ward Movie: Bless Up

This is my ward movie. The bishop asked me to write it. As with anything I'm asked to do in the church, I agreed but also made it clear that I don't really want to do it. (Pretty sure you don't store up blessings in Heaven that way but whatever.)

Nevertheless, I did write the movie. The concept was ward Pitch Perfect with an About A Boy finale. It's 7 minutes long. I thought of the idea because a men's quartet sang an a capella version of "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel" in my ward for Sam's farewell and they sounded really good. Also, we have a talented rapper/singer/song writer in our ward. The movie was for a Stake Film festival. If you ask me, stake activities are kind of a waste of resources. Better things happen at the ward level. But if I were to choose between, say, a Stake Pioneer Trek and a Stake Film Festival I would—hands down—choose the Stake Film Festival. It was last night and it was pretty fun.

By the way, I was not given the choice and our stake's pioneer trek is in the works for 2017.  It will be long, but must go on. Put your shoulder to the wheel.

Enjoy Bless UP!


  1. Aw, I loved it! Entertaining throughout and very sweet at the end. Nice job. A potentially awkward situation turned into a super fun memory.

  2. Wow- impressive! And funny. :).

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you thought it was funny.

  3. I can think of no better use for your time.


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