Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Things that Make Me Uncomfortable (Not an Exhaustive List)

Here are just a few of the many things that make me feel ill at ease. Please feel free to share some of your own, unless you're not comfortable with that.

10. Looking at myself in the mirror while getting a hair cut.

9. Spontaneous water fights with the young men and young women. If I look like I’m having fun, Super! My excruciating effort to act peppy has paid off.

8. Blog contention (That's web log contention, for those who might be uncomfortable with the word "blog.")

7. Tom Hanks faking an accent. This bothers me. A lot.

6. When Brad Carter, who Heidi and I were on a road trip with, needed to stop to use the restroom. He specifically said, “I really need to go. You know, I need to sit down.” His desire to communicate the type and style of his bathroom- going did more than just make me feel uncomfortable, it really disturbed me.

5. When my bishop calls me “President,” even though I insist on it.

4. Singing and dancing with my kids in Kindermusik—“Let’s swish hello to Kacy, Kacy, Kacy. ..” Uh, that’s not necessary. No really.

3. Sleeping without memory foam.

2. Most solos, of any kind, and some duets when extreme or innovative harmony is involved.

1. Bumpy gourds.


  1. How about the flying dog thing on "Never Ending Story"? I am totally disturbed by that thing, which is why I still remember it all these years after first seeing it. I, too, am disturbed by bumpy gourds. I have major texture issues. Too much tar on the asphalt can send me into convulsions.

  2. I think your are referring to Falcor and while I understand your discomfort, I must say that I actually LOVE Falcor because he/she/it reminds me of Lou.

  3. OOO, sorry. I think I may have hit a soft spot. Falcor is a lot like Lou, which I suppose redeems him (her? it?) quite a bit. Please forgive.

  4. How about lists for blogs? Does that scare you? I want more about your wacky neighbors, and less lists (Though I have enjoyed your lists)

  5. I think comments about ‘bumpy gourds’ and ‘sleeping with memory foam’ in the same column make me uncomfortable…

  6. I actually really like bumpy gourds. I think they're cool, and very autumnal.

  7. I'm going to side with Eliza on this one. Anyway, ever since the incident with the ceiling fan, who are you to complain about bumpy gourds?

  8. I'm gonna call you "Sister Falcor" from now on. Get it? It sounds like you last name and you like that half fur half scales space dragon.

  9. Falcor is an awesome nickname. I've been hoping people would call me that ever since I married Christian. I totally want it to stick.


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