Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I Took My Daughter's Memory Foam--Was that Wrong?

I went to Costco to get some new mattresses for my kids. This was just one in a series of my hair-brained ideas (hypo-allergenic pillows, 100% cotton pajamas, their own rooms, more exercise, less TV, vitamins, room-darkening blinds, etc.) designed to make my kids sleep better/faster/longer and thus improving my own quality of life. At Costco I saw “Memory Foam” and realized that, while no less expensive, it was much more portable than mattresses would be so I bought 2 twin-sized Memory Foam pads. My son (who is as enchanted with sleep-enhancing products as I am) was excited, appreciative, and even told about the Memory Foam for show-and-tell. But Maggie, as is her custom, couldn’t care less. She didn’t sleep better and wasn’t attached to it so one day I took the pad off of her bed and put it on my own. It was after she had spent the night throwing up and I thought if she’s just going to vomit on it why don’t I take it until we’re sure she’s over her illness--Memory Foam is not washable you know.

The Memory Foam—love it! It is such a pleasure to sleep on. But it is generously twin-sized so it takes more than half the bed. And it creates a 2 inch high platform on my bed leaving a strip of about 1/3 of the bed for Christian to sleep on--with me next to him, raised above him in luxury on the Memory Foam. He started to make comments about it after a couple of days but I just love the foam so much.

When we watched General Conference President Hinckley said we should do whatever is necessary to make our spouse comfortable. This made me feel guilty about the Memory Foam. In a benevolent gesture, I turned the foam sideways so that it was across the bed. Neither one of us would have the whole pad, but we could each have some of it. I think this really meant a lot to Christian until his back started to hurt. Memory foam is very good, but if your head and shoulders are on it and the rest of you is not, it causes problems. I left it there though—until he insisted I turn it back around and put it on my side again. I wonder: Does that make me bad person?


  1. I think this is the perfect example of making your spouse more comfertable. I am sure President Hinkley would agree!

  2. Good job Kacy, supporting your spouse and making them more comfortable is one of the greatest strengths of a Great marriage, thats why its the backbone of my marriage......

  3. Stealing from children is just one of those things that makes America and capitalism so great! Steeling from your own children, well, priceless! And of course one should make one’s spouse comfortable otherwise you might as well be living in a hovel on Haiti! Not that they have a lot of memory foam in Haiti, or children that sleep on it either, or put too much thought in the comfort of their spouse! I think they’re just praying for no more tropical storms, clean water and a bit of rice! On the other hand I’d be more worried about your son’s perchance to indulge in so much sleep at such a young age! I mean I did too as a youth and look how I turned out! I know, scary thought! But the real question is: what would Paul Bettany think?

    Disclaimer! A lot of exclamations were used in this missive! But none were harmed!

  4. I dropped in to see your mother today. When I did, she was talking with Maggie. I think Maggie was turning you in.

    P.S. You could, of course, get a Memory Foam pad at Costco that fits your bed.

  5. Why exactly are they called Memory foams?

  6. Kacy--another delightful post! Is the title a reference to the cashmere sweater episode of Seinfeld?

    I must investigate this so-called "memory foam."

  7. I was definitely imagining George Costanza saying "Was that wrong?

  8. I knew it! So many layers to your blogs.


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