Friday, November 05, 2004

Meeting David Sedaris: "What Did That Girl Have for Dinner?"

Here I am with David Sedaris. Too bad he thinks I stink. How do I know this? We went to the show with Erin who got her book signed after us. He asked her who she came with and whether we went to dinner. Which means he smelled a gross food smell on Christian and me, and then smelled the same food smell on her. I am certain ths is why he asked her this because I have done the same thing when faced with an overpowering stench. It's important to determine whether it's body odor or food smell. Once you know it's food smell, it can actually be quite pleasant. I once worked with a girl who always smelled like bacon at noon. This required a very delicate line of questioning to get to the heart of the matter. Lucky Erin--he liked her stinky coat. He didn't say a word about mine or even notice its lapels.

I think I may have gotten off on the wrong foot with David Sedaris by asking him if he had changed his shoes. I couldn't stop myself from asking though because I care a lot about shoes. From where I was sitting it looked like he was wearing an open-backed shoe, and then it looked like he had changed for the book signing. Apparently he had been wearing oxfords the whole time. He asked me if I was responsible for the unusual spelling of my name. To which I replied, "No, that was my mother."Brilliant me.

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  1. I love his response to you. When I had him sign my book a couple years ago I had requested that he cross off his above note from years before that had said "To the Newlyweds". He said, "You shouldn't advertise that you are a divorcee at such a young age, its trashy."

  2. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Dear Kacy,
    You are KRAZY and that's why I like your blog. Which posts did you give DS? I would be curious to know. And, did David check out your blog? Is there any way to find out? - Erin D.

  3. Well, of course I didn't really print out my blog, staple it together, decorate it with stickers and present it to David Sedaris. But everything else is true. I think he would have little interest in my blog though because last night he said he's never even seen the internet. I think he was lying though--like people who say they never watch T.V.

  4. I am glad you put this pic up because my knowledge of David Sedaris is limited only to the info I have gained from reading blogs and for some reason I thought he was black. Don't ask me where I got this idea from, but I'm glad to know that now I can have an accurate picture in my mind.

  5. Is his collar a different color than his jacket? He must be mad!

  6. Anonymous9:36 PM

    wrong, your father named you!!

  7. Interesting, if you can prove it.

  8. Anonymous2:05 PM

    phew! that was one fast response. as to the origin of your name, your mother will collaborate my assertion


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