Monday, August 28, 2006

Some Stuff My Son Ben Has Been Up To

That Ben, he's a character! And he has had a great summer. I'll just give you a few highlights:

1.Slicing up the living room couches with our painter's utility knife.

2. Asking me to "please pop those back in," referring to pimples.

3. Actually throwing a tomato at a poster I had just gotten framed.

4. Revealing that he thinks he gets bigger each time he goes to the bathroom.

5. After asking if he could have his sister's computer mouse and being turned down, simply cutting it off.

Yes, yes--he's been busy!


  1. I guess this explains why I haven't heard from Little Miss Mags over google talk lately... should I send her over a mouse? Or should I send restraints for Ben? Lovely picture.

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Such ambition!

    I have to ask, though...what was the poster? Was he taking a stand agains consumerism?

  3. what a little dear. We could get our little ones together and mine could scowl and growl "I hate you! Stupid idiot." as he kicks your son. Terms of endearment, really.

    How many couches did he get?

  4. Um, yeah, good luck with that.

  5. Be sure to keep a list of all the items he's destroyed and its fair market value so you can present it to him when he turns 18 and leaves home. You've got quite a start on a little nest egg. . .

  6. I love the picture! What a little demon! How does one discipline a child who slashes couches and mice... mouses? Really, I could use some pointers...

  7. Strong opinions about couches and posters? Sounds like you've got a budding interior designer on your hands. So sweet.

  8. Um, no offense, I'm sure your child is cute and all, but in the picture, he looks like Satan. Seriously.

  9. Ben sliced the couch and the love seat. It was fun talking to the homeowner's insurance agent about it but they asked a lot of questions which I felt implied I am a bad mother: "Did you catch him in the act? Was he injured? Did you find the utility knife?"

    The posters were framed reproductions of these old color drawings made to promote Utah National Parks. He spurns all reproductions and simply will not tolerate low-quality prints.

  10. My oldest pulled a "Ben" yesterday. She took a pair of scissors and cut a hole right in the middle of the screen in my bedroom window. I am serious when I tell you - I thought this in my head: How would Kacy handle this. Unfortunately I had no idea since YOU DIDN'T ANSWER MY QUESTION! I was so dumbfounded I couldn't even get angry. She couldn't give me a good reason why she had done it. I told her I'd let her know how much it would cost to replace it and then put her to work earning the money.

  11. Um...I can't put him back in, so do I just wait for mine to grow up enough to terrorize me and my family? I think I have the posters you are talking about. There was no place for them in this apartment, so they hang in our bathroom--we call it our Utah bathroom, and in the mirror every morning I see HATU HATU HATU behind me.

  12. As one of like gender, I have to speak on young Ben's behalf.

    It's perfectly logical for him to think he gets bigger everytime he uses the facilities. He was probably told he was, "such a big boy" everytime he went.

    Regarding the tomatoes, he probably saw recent footage of La Tomatina. I think he was just getting into the spirit.

    As for the couch, I've found that concrete furniture is very durable. I'm sure, in his way, he was making the same point.

    As for the other two items, well boys will be boys.


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