Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Blogging Started to Make Me Sick While Pregnant

I was pregnant, you see, and that made me sick--specifically--sick of blogging. You know how if you eat something and then vomit you start to associate what you ate with vomiting? (For me it's blue popsicles--Gag.) Well that happened to me with blogging. Blogging and vomiting were all tangled up together in a sick sort of blomit.vogspot.com. And it was gross. Grosser still when you consider that when I'm pregnant and I throw up I throw up so hard that I lose bladder control. I'm saying that not because it's true but because I'm a writer and I know that concrete details help. (I hope that helps.)

I still like to read blogs though. And I have been reading blogs like there is no tomorrow. Here's what I have noticed: Everyone has a blog and everyone is into aprons. "Boy, things have changed." I sometimes muse. When I first started my blog I listed vintage aprons as an interest on my blogspot profile. Now I feel like such a poseur. Trust me, there are people who like vintage aprons a LOT more than I do. They even make them. I wish I did! I also listed routines as one of my interests because I really like to hear about other people's routines--you know, like their daily routines. Sometimes I even just Google "routines." Not dance routines! I have no use for those [anymore]. But seriously, what I was into--what all of us bloggers were into were funny lists and tv shows. Sure sure, put me down for vintage aprons and routines but the heart of the matter--what I really want to talk about is--whose funeral did Jack go to in Lost? You feel me. I know it. WHO COULD BE IN THAT CASKET BESIDES BEN? (Member when we used to call him Benry?)

For months I have been uninspired to write a blog, while at the same time I have been inspired to shop at Etsy.com, sew a tote, and cook something organic from scratch in an attractive bowl from Anthropology. While I was filling up my potential blogging time reading other people's blogs I also moved to a new house and the sale on my old house failed twice. At that point I thought about blogging about my house to see if anyone wanted to buy it but I didn't want the internet to think I was just using it. Besides, I like paying two mortgages--it feels so indulgent.

Once the dust settled I decided I really had to get back to blogging because I like it so much. But then the observer effect started to kick in. You know that principle where the actual observation of a phenomenon changes the phenomenon. So I might say to myself, "I'll just blog about whatever happens to me today." Next thing you know I'm taking on rude sales clerks or wearing wigs. Wacky stuff! But it wasn't genuine and I don't want the internet to think I'm not genuine.

And so I decided--no more blogging. I've got nothing to say and I'd rather read other people's blogs anyway. Then I saw that I had 55 comments on my last post so I changed my mind. 55 comments is so awesome. Come on! I love blogging.


  1. I can't even imagine a world where you don't blog. These last six months have been like living in a bizarro world without your new stuff. So I'm glad that the 55 comments from your last post has inspired you to keep on blogging. Especially now that you are surrounded by so much nature.

  2. Weird--my initials are HRT and I thought that I was looking into the future when I saw HRT had commented already. Or back into the past? Or that I have amnesia. I'm not sure.

    But I did do a double-take when I saw you updated. Congrats. My mom was wondering about you. I was too. Baby? Got one? Name? Anything?

    And it is a little weird that EVERYONE has a blog. The revolution began 5 years ago, people. As for aprons, I'll leave that to Barbara.

    I'll see you around. Probably only in the testing center, where I have church and walk by your picture every day.

  3. You better post a pic of your new baby, unless you want the internet to think she has a myserious problem like people thought Suri Cruise had.

  4. Whew..!

    Have you closed? Do you owe us dinner? Thursday is the day (hopefully) for us. I always wonder about you, as I look out my back window, and see your sign...sitting there...waiting...hoping..."buy me!"

    We will have a HUMONGOUS truck parked in front of our home tonight...I wonder if "they" will believe us now...probably not. (Did people ask you about Activity Days when you came on Sunday?)

  5. If 55 comments is what it takes, so be it..I've got nothing else to do today...you are top priority.

  6. You're back! You are overreacting to what the internet might think. You should just tell it what to think and stare it down. We've missed your textual self. Wanna post your Father's Day talk? Not likely. I would invite Kacy's readership to request it. It's the fourth edition of a series that presumably ends in a surprisingly satisfying resolution with he-who-is-best-not-named. Mr. Kacy also gave a great talk, so maybe you could request them as a collection of Father's Day essays. These insightful sermons were the best part of MY Father's day. Welcome home, Kacy.

  7. Holy cow! Kacy's back. Congratulations on your baby. I love her name. (Dare I check Carly's blog to see if she's back? Marcy? Is Christian coming back? Does it bother you that I act like we're friends?)

  8. Never been to etsy.com. Great, one more place to spend hours looking until my contacts burn.

    Sorry, you moved. Do you miss the goat farm? You know you do.

  9. Now you have 9 comments on this one, you can totally make it to 55 again though.

  10. I almost started a wave in celebration of your return to blogging...but then I had one of those moments of realizing that everyone around me would think that I am insane and I had to settle on just smiling a lot.

    Glad that you're back to blogging. No really. I am.


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