Friday, March 14, 2008

Gratitude Journal: Salivation

For about a year I have noticed that it's hard to swallow and that I haven't had much spit. I think my spit glands somehow dried up. I thought I was just a big pig and was eating too fast and that's why my food was going down hard. But around Valentine's day I started eating Starbursts and Swedish Fish. Normally I do not eat this kind of candy but the kids would hand it to me and I would just eat it to make them happy. (I really want my kids to be happy, you know?) Well, I am glad I did because I think the tartness somehow turned my spit back on and it is so much better now. I'm afraid you might think I'm saying this just because I said this three years ago. Well, I don't care what you think--it's all true.


  1. I am excited for you and your spit. Secretly I hope I am one of those people who's voice you've analyzed, but when I think I my voice I realize that is probably unlikely.

    Love the easter sidebar by the way. It's nice to know there are still people who think the resurrection is priceless. Maybe we aren't going to Hell in hand-basket after all.

  2. I love saliva, too.

  3. Starbursts are my second favorite candy. I could eat them until I pass out. It's good to know that they have medicinal benefits.

  4. You should eat some pop-rocks now, you know, to show off your ample supply of spit.

  5. Kacy,
    We have never met, I saw the link to your blog on James Conlee's blog. I sang in the choir with Jimmy in high school. I just want to tell you that I think we would just be great friends if we ever actually met since candy, giant beverages from gas stations and being a mom are very important to me as well. As is my new churchiness that is driving my kids crazy. If you you are so inclined, you can catch my blog- Have a great day!


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