Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Microtrends in Blogging

I just read Mark Penn's Micro Trends. Some of my favorite micro trends that Penn identifies are Pro-Semites, Sun-Haters, Slobs, and New Luddites. It's pretty interesting--you should read it. This book got me thinking about micro trends within our blogging community. Here are a few that immediately sprung to mind:

Blogging about blogging.

Blogging about not blogging.

Blogs as dieting and exercise kick-offs.

Blogs as promotions of one's happy marriage. "I love my husband" is the new "I hate my boss."

Blogging about eating steel-cut oats.

Here are some micro trends I'd like to see emerge:

Confessional blogging.

Blogging about how you hate your parents.

Blogging about free stuff you want to give to me.

Before and after pictures of a room or house you totally trashed.

Blogs about crafts that make themselves.

Blogs about flaws and physical defects.

Blogs that worship me.

Blogs about Guitar Hero.

Blogs that somehow preview and select the best and funniest YouTube videos for me to watch, with links.


  1. I'll work on blogging about my flaws and physical defects. I have a lot of interesting ones.

  2. confessional blogging (this comes and goes among my friends):

  3. 1st thing's 1st: Where are the cute stripey ties from on your sidebar?
    2. You forgot the blogs where people are obsessed with their fear of scorpions.
    3. I hate my parents.
    4. I have a second nose growing from my left hip.
    5. I'm going to start excercising someday.
    6. Feeling slightly guilty for the parent comment...was it funny though?

  4. How could I hate someone who brings me a bag of cheeseburgers when I'm sick?

    Can I blog about how much a microtrend bothers me? (what's so great about STEELE OATS?!?!) Is that a microtrend in and of itself: complaining about microtrends?

    I want to see more blogs about what people really think about when they're vacuuming.

  5. Anonymous2:54 PM

    1. I confess that I secretly want to start a Kacy worship blog, but I haven't come up with the right color scheme.
    2. Hate is a strong word.
    3. I would love to give you my teenage daughter. I will even pay you, that is how free she would be.
    4. I have never trashed a house, but I think it sounds fun.
    5. hah! So n/a. I can't even do crafts that make themselves.
    6. I have a third nipple. (Is that TMI?) I wish I was kidding.
    7. I have blogged about Guitar Hero. Love it!
    8. While I do occasionally visit YouTube, I already waste so much time on the internet that I cannot even think what that would do to the permanent butt mark on this chair.

    Wow! How is that for a long comment?

  6. You want more confessions, do you? Well, we play Guitar Hero for FHE as our musical number and while I don't hate my parents I do have an old Saturday's Warrior tape I'd be happy to give you for free. I might even throw in a little cash to thank you for taking it off my hands.

  7. I don't have an actual blog about guitar hero, but when we found out Pres. Hinckley died, we were right smack in the middle of a family performance of Rock Band. It suddenly seemed inappropriate, but since I really wanted to continue playing, I suggested we play Metallica's "Don't Fear the Reaper" in honor of President Hinckley. I personally thought he'd get a kick out of it. Or that's what I tell myself. I'm hooked. What can I say?

  8. What qualifies one to be a Sun-Hater? Because, unless I'm reading too much into it, I think I have that.

    (Does Metallica have a version of Don't Fear the Reaper? Because I've only heard it from Blue Oyster Cult. And it needs more cowbell.)

  9. Oh geez, what can I say to this. I'm enjoying this crazy you the last couple days. Frequently, I blog about lots o' stupid crap that you are listing. Boy is that sad. And yeah, my last post was about boycotting my blog. Sad sad sad. Boycott me.

  10. You're right. . .I was confused. I think it was Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper," but also, in my head, I hear Metallica (Enter Sandman?). . .which made it that much more inappropriate. I loved the idea of playing guitar hero for the FHE opening song, though. What's more boring than the FHE opening song?

  11. Your wish is my command... if you will kindly visit my blog.

  12. Funny, I just wrote a post that worships you.

  13. Those annoying crafty microtrends are for microMINDS. I like your thinking. Blog about trashed house is coming up!

  14. I'll see what I can do.

  15. You know, I was actually thinking about writing a blog about you, until cjane beat me to it!

    Also, I love your last post so much it sort of hurts. I wish your mind was inside my mind when I was on-stage!

    And seriously, Flight AND Invisibility! Can't you have both?

    (Come watch LOST with Lisa and I)

  16. I really would like to read that Microtrends book, but my library is incredibly lame. No interlibrary loans, if you can believe something so pitiful. Too cheap to buy it, I guess (me, not the library)

  17. Abby--the ties are from wildties.com. Try it for all your matchy matchy needs.


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