Monday, May 26, 2008

Not to Be Confused with Tattoo, Who Was on Fantasy Island

I like blogging better than talking because I have a quiet voice. It exerts me to talk loud when I'm with a group of people. I'm also a bit of a lazy conversationalist, preferring to let other people carry the conversation if they are willing. Maybe that is why Facebook continues to alert me regarding my "rankings" and how all my "friends" think I'm the least outgoing, least friendly, least attractive, least date-able person they know. Thanks Facebook friends. You made my day!

When I was very little I was extremely shy. But I mostly got over this. I even took a speech class in 8th grade from the incomparable Ms. Ek--weird name, weird person. I did not fare well in this class. The nadir occurred when we were called on to speak extemporaneously about random topics drawn out of a hat. I drew the word "tofu" out of the hat.

Because I was raised in a God-fearing family I had no idea what tofu was. But I was on the spot and had to fill the time with something. My thoughts turned to the Brady Bunch's trip to Hawaii and the ill-begotten tiki they found which brought bad luck and nearly cost Greg his life. That's right, Tabu. I knew tofu wasn't tabu but I started talking about the little idol anyway. It didn't go very well.

I think the last time I had spoken up in school was at the 5th grade spelling bee where I was given the word "goatee." Because I was raised in a God-fearing family I had no idea what a goatee was (or how it was spelled) and I was out in the first round. And that's why I like blogging so much.


  1. My friend Sara rolls up chunks of tofu in ground up cheerios to give to her 9 month old to eat. I told her that transcends weirdness. My rankings on facebook keep going down, too. None of my facebook friends want to be stranded on a desert island with me.

  2. I don't get Facebook at all. I thought it was only for single people to hook up.

  3. I still dont get facebook, I much prefer blogging!

  4. Too funny! I was also very shy growing up. I can feel your pain! Then I became a communications major and had to make presentations all the time--what was I thinking?!! Luckily, my first child was so outgoing that it helped me overcome my shy tendencies. I agree, blogging is the perfect way to communicate! You get to say everything you want and only read the comments if you're in the mood! Much better than face to face communication :).

  5. I lost on my first word of the spelling bee because my friend was making faces at me. I was given the word 'waiter' and without blinking an eye I spelled 'water'. I thought the guy was nuts saying I spelled it wrong. Waiter...who the hell can't spell waiter? Me. That's who.

  6. Ze plane! Ze plane! Too bad "tattoo" wasn't your word, god-fearing family or not it looks like you would have got that one right. If I was in your class I would have given you a piece of my band-aid cake and made it all better.

  7. I was extremely out-going growing up, but would often regret things I had blurted out without thinking. Which was a lot. I like blogging because now I have to be semi-responsible for what goes on the page. That, and it uses less awkward facial expressions.

  8. I think my new facebook name should be Ms. Ek.

  9. Facebook and MySpace are like the ghetto blogging.

    I don't like talking in a group of people unless I have a microphone. I like public speaking, as long as i don't have to INTERACT with the public. If it's a performance in front of people I don't know, I'm good. In fact, I love it. I'm a show-off. But if it's small talk with people I don't know? PAINFUL.

  10. I finally had to drop out of the rankings. It was too hard on my ego. No one wanted to be stuck in handcuffs with me, no one thought I was a good mother, no one thought I was the prettiest.

    It's like I'm friends with total idiots.

  11. Lurve the blog. A few questions raised by this post:

    1. Ms. Ek, related to Mr. Eko from Lost? Checkmate, Mr. Eko!
    2. Tofu as tabu is a noble guess. You deserved an A for effort. Did you get one?
    3. Do you know what a goatee is now? If so, does this mean you are no longer God-fearing?
    4. Facebook allows people your age?

    Thank you for your time.


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