Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Some People Are Just Better Than Other People

I wrote another post for Segullah. You don't have to read it if you don't have time or if you are getting sick of me. It's about how people who 1) have pioneer heritage and/or 2) live on the "right" side of town think they are better than other people. And maybe they are.


  1. Ok, I would like to know what mother said that. That's nuts, you're the catch of the century.

  2. Hey guess what, I commented. I tamed it down for the nature of the website. The untamed version would have went like this:

    East Siders can go to hell.

    Ok, I'm kidding. They don't have to. But their attitude that me living on the west side is equal to BFE can. Guess what? The center of Utah IS NOT THE EAST BENCH.

  3. Loved your post at Segullah. Frankly I think everyone needs to live in New Orleans for a few years and visit members in the projects and ghettos.
    That should cure a person and they can return to Utah just being happy to be out west again.
    I just love that my house is so up high on the west side of town and I can look down on everyone else.
    Not really. But a lady came over yesterday and made that comment to me as a joke she said. I'm sure your in-laws know who she is.
    When we get grass I'm really going to be important then.

  4. seriously, how do you do it???! writing so much, I mean. I can hardly keep up with one blog, let alone TWO blogs, and certainly not guest writing for another one. It's official (has been for a while now) that you are WAAAY cooler than me.

  5. I'm just a blog freak. Ahhhhhhhh, FREAK OUT!

  6. So I posted a long comment.

    Hope that's okay.

    We need to do lunch again - maybe I will visit Hannah in the fall.

    Use up my sky miles I gain by charging all the wedding expenses on my AmEx card!!

  7. totally curious, Kacy, did you find yourself having to tone it down or leave out lots of what you really wanted to say?
    Had I tried to write something on that subject I woulda had a book!!
    Loved it.

  8. Found your blog from Segullah and just wanted to thank you for cracking me up this morning on my birthday! I especially loved your post about trying to sneak by your kids. I've been wanting a vacation from mine, but it is just not gunna happen. (they're good kids, but this "great" job is hard as you mentioned)

  9. Clisty, feel free to bear your soul about it here. And happy birthday, Sage. How does anyone get a vacation from their kids? I never do.

  10. Spammon, I wish you felt more comfortable just telling me how you really feel.

    Thanks for your man comment.

  11. I am acquaintances with a gal who mentioned that they wanted to move. I was so excited for them because I was thinking of all the places in the valley that their (gigante) budget would allow them to live. Then she told me her husband wouldn't consider ANYTHING further west than 1300 West in SLC county!! What tha?
    I was stunned, and befuddled. I grew up in CA in an area where they have built on every speck of dirt possible, so coming out to Utah presented so many options I couldn't imagine limiting yourself to such a slim spot.

  12. That is so weird--I've had people describe "boundaries" to me in street numbers too. It's so specific! I never knew people thought like that.And generally speaking, it isn't a "safety" concern. Check if you don't believe me.

  13. Hey there,

    I'm snooping, but just wanted to leave a comment in defense of at least one east-side family. We live on the east-side, but that doesn't mean we didn't look on the west side when we decided to move. I have so many people tell me what a jerk I am for living on the east-side, how I think I'm so much better, or that I'm "rich". I guess I"m just saying the pendulum swings both ways and you can't judge an individual by the perceived whole. Not taking offense here, just sticking up for some of us east-siders that don't see the big deal either way. I enjoyed your post on Seguallah and your blog in general!

  14. Julia, thanks for reading and for weighing in. I totally agree. Westside pride and judgment is no different from Eastside pride and judgment.


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