Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Take Another Little Piece of My Heart

You wouldn't think to look at him that this man and I are so alike. If I saw him somewhere--anywhere--we probably would not end up talking to each other. For one, he's old. Sorry old people. I know it's not fair and I know it will come back to bite me when I'm old AND I know that many people think I am old already BUT I don't care because they are young and while I might OCCASIONALLY underestimate an old person, it's much more likely to overestimate a young one.

Plus, this guy is wearing some kind of wacky pocket square. When you know who he is and that he's Irish, it's actually quite charming. But on the face of it, uhhhh-it's a turn off.

Turns out, he's an author named Frank Delaney. I read Ireland and now I'm reading Tipperary. I recommend these books but it's not like they are the most amazing books I've ever read. It's just that I feel so much in common with Frank. He points out a detail that I am at that second wondering about. The simple kindnesses he describes are the kindest things I can think of. It's a little uncanny. There are other books I like, but it's not the same. I've never met Frank Delaney and I have no idea what he's really like but if he could write this book, I love him.

I feel like that about other things, too. Sometimes someone might say something on a blog or recommend some music. And then I listen to the music and I think, if they love this music like I love this music than they have won a little loyal piece of my heart. It can even happen with church talks. And other things.

Before I get all sappy on you I should probably explain that usually the opposite of this happens. As in, if you think Aflac Insurance commercials are funny then I know I probably hate you. Or, if you post a link to Dr. Laura we might not have that much to talk about. Or, if you wear wacky pocket squares I'm sure our souls don't match.


  1. Dr. Laura makes me squirm. I feel kind of bad for the people she is talking to.

    I may have to read Frank's books. All pocket squares aside, I might love him too.

  2. Or (hmm, I had something really clever to say, but I lost it - curses). Great post, I'll have to check out his writing.

  3. I have not read "Tiperary" so I cannot comment on this one way or another.
    But...I do recommend the Tiperary bonbons at See's Candies.
    I think you will thank me later...and I may also win a little loyal piece of your heart. :)

  4. My friend Breanne is friends with one of the Band of Annuals members. Maybe she can hook you up for your pig roast.

  5. I hear you. I can't be friends with anyone who liked The Mummy.

  6. Thanks Veronica. And Mrs. Organic--and Lisa (of course). Thanks Hannah--I knew YOU'D comment and Gurrbonzo, way to come through!

    I pretty much hate everyone who doesn't comment on this post.

  7. Nice vibes, Kacy. I think music is a big one for this. While a lot of the music I like isn't shared by my friends, the ones that do tend to bridge the gap for me are Van Morrison, Alan Parsons Project, Fleetwood Mac and Little River Band. But then it can be really neat if someone shares a taste in less mainstream music, like Prefab Sprout, Tangerine Dream, Guadalcanal Diary, Spock's Beard, Traffic or Porcupine Tree.

    I think that's why Jerry Seinfeld is so successful, it's because he knows how to go into our subconscious and before we realize it he wins a piece of our hearts. For those who aren't convinced yet, that's a psychological issue you may have to get treated. Deep down we all know that we relate to him on a primal level. You can shoot me for being the messenger, but it's just a part of life. Seinfeld is in our collective psyche.

    And then Steven Wright pretty much bought my left humerus, but that's another story.

  8. I didn't unfollow you on friday even though you tried really hard.

    Dr. Laura is nuts.

    I think AFLAC needs a new angle, and so does Geico.

  9. Hey. Is this another Irish thing? I thought this was an ethnicity-free zone. Why can't we all just get along?

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