Friday, October 09, 2009

I Never Said it Would be Easy, I Only Said it Would Be Worth It

This year I am helping with my ward's Halloween party so I have an occasion to dress up. I started thinking about costumes in September. Obviously, this is the year to dress up as Michael Jackson. I was leaning toward something a la Smooth Criminal when Dumbledore came to mind--another appropriate costume because his [untimely and heart wrenching] death was commemorated in film this year. Then I realized the most fitting tribute would be to dress as Snape. The key to a good Snape costume, as I understand it, is The Matrix underneath and Graduation on the top.

But--let's be honest--that hair doesn't look good on anyone. Fortunately I am cursed with indiscretion when it comes to flattering Halloween Costumes. (Exhibit A: Hamm from Toy Story costume of pink Hanes sweats and a latex pig nose circa 2001.) So I was willing to brave the hair. But then I found a pair of high-heeled, pointy-toed, lace-up granny boots at DI. Bellatrix Lestrange it is!
Putting my costume together has been quite a journey--and I'm not even finished yet (need leather corset and wig). But I'd like to share a few of the highs and lows.

I found a perfect gown at Halloween USA and some accessories for Ben's Danger Mouse costume. And then my credit card was denied and I couldn't pay for my goods. (It was a mistake and they wouldn't take checks--I swear I'm not poor guys!) I don't know if this has happened to you before--Maybe you were buying milk or formula or even a much-needed winter coat for an unexpected snow storm. But imagine, if you will, just how it feels to leave your eye patch, mouse ears, and polyester witch gown on the counter and walk away in shame. It's like they wanted to rub it in that I'm spending foolishly. And to think, just days before I had been mesmerized in an intersection by Halloween USA's pumpkin-headed mascot. HONK! HONK! This, my friends, was a low.

But I went back with my head held high and I bought all that junk AND MORE! Including the perfect fish-net arm warmers. It was definitely a high, if not a tender mercy.

As I was searching the internet for various costume sundries I found myself on many Wiccan sites. This was kind of a low, but mostly a reality check.

The perfect rosewood wand with a bend in it (Like Bellatrix's) was on sale for 7.99! This is a huge discount, you guys. I don't know how familiar you are with wand prices, but it's like 70% off. HIGH!

Christian seemed apprehensive when he found out I was getting a "real" (his words) wand. High!

I really hate Bellatrix Lestrange. Dressing up as her is kind of a low because I hate what she stands for. She killed Sirius Black, you know. I would prefer to personify someone admirable, but it's just Halloween. That's what I keep telling myself. And when all is said and done [spoiler], we wont' have Bellatrix Lestrange to kick around anymore. If you know what I mean.

I know I'm kind of ruining it by telling you this in advance but since you probably won't be at the Halloween party, I've been studying Spells from Harry Potter so when I'm setting up for the party and we have to find the lights or open a closet I can bust the wand out with lumos or alohomora for some precious nerdlaughs. Prediction: High!

And so you see, Halloween is not all fun and games. You might even think it's a cake walk, because that's what happens at Halloween Carnivals. But it's not that either.


  1. I'm a bit reluctant to admit I'm not very familiar with the Harry Potter oeuvre. Read and saw the first movie/book, but I'm not much of a magic-lover. The costume sounds magnificent, though, and I hope you'll be posting pictures.

    How's the devil theme coming along, since your bishop didn't want anything scary like skeletons?

  2. And now I'm jealous of your costume. Low!

  3. Well, really. That does make sense since you do sort of look like Helena Bonham Carter. Or did when you had long hair and she was in her "Room with a View" phase.

  4. oh i think ill be staying away from you and that real wand at the party! That, or ill just stay on your good side! :) im very excited to see your outfit all together it will be great!!!

  5. I'm something of a Halloween Scrooge - but I wish I was coming to your party to see your costume!!

    (And walk your Cake Walk!)

  6. i hate bellatrix so badly you make me totally want to dress up like mrs. weasley and (spoiler) kick your wicked arse. (well not yours, actually, but you-as-her's).

    p.s. you had me at fish-net arm warmers.

  7. you'd better take pictures. Or let me... I was amused by the warning I got from net nanny when I clicked through to your blog. It said that you talk about intimate apparel. (tee hee hee) must have been the fishnets.

  8. Corsets. Wiccan. Fishnets--Netnanny knows best.

    I love Sister Weasely. I can't wait to see her give Bella her comeuppance onscreen. Avada Kedavra! (It's unforgivable.)

  9. I just hope those lackluster, unappreciative, ignorant party goers don't pass you off as simply "a witch". I can see that happening. Well that's what would happen to me anyway. Not unlike the time when I was 9 and came up with a brilliant Nelly Olsen Halloween costume and people kept calling me Raggedy Ann. Maddening!

  10. Being far away, I appreciate you spilling the beans for us.

    And cake walk took me immediately to Junie B and her yucky blucky fruit cake. HIGH!

  11. Really wishing we were in your ward right now... my three kids are going as Harry and friends, and we'll be featuring a 2 year old Ron Weasely with spray dyed red hair.


    Can't believe how much those wands are, right? My 9 year old wants me to buy her a $40 one.

  12. Just met your blog/you and loved it,
    count me in!
    I used to really get into costumes, now I am into working full-time.
    But I love it!

  13. I was just thinking about our fabulous halloween parties the other day. I think you and Carrie were the first ones to inspire me to have fun on Halloween and dress up. I am so sad that those days are passed. I have, however, found a friend here who had me putting black plastic up in her garage yesterday for our halloween party's haunted house. Apparently there are enthusiasts wherever you go. You just have to find them.

    P.S. I love you costume idea. You need to post picts when you find the corset.

  14. Haha, I like how you utilized that fake quote attributed to Jesus on Mormon merchandise. Hilarious


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