Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Giant Leap for Momkind

First of all, I really hate that I just said "momkind." But whatever. My kids are on Fall Break. We used to call it UEA and before that we called it "the deer hunt." Since we don't hunt deer per se I decided to take the family to Star Wars in Concert for a "staycation" of sorts. It was going to be so fun. We weren't going to take Ellen so we could go to dinner in Salt Lake and enjoy ourselves with the three older kids. Then I realized Christian would be out of town.

Since I've had kids I don't like to do stuff. It's hard. The logistics of driving, parking, checking into hotels and carrying things is too much for me. Because in addition to all of the aforementioned complicated things I have kids to deal with as well, which (if you're one of Kate Gosselin's nannys) is a full-time job itself. I can do stuff, I just don't want to do stuff. I'm not incapable of packing up kids by myself, finding locations on GoogleMaps, changing lanes, driving the right way on one-way streets, or figuring out tips. It's more of a quality of life issue for me. My quality of life is better when I avoid these things.

But I'm actually excited about this concert. And the tickets were expensive. And I enjoy my kids. This isn't one of those obligatory trips to the zoo or Pumpkinland. I really want to do it. And I think it could possibly-maybe-if-nothing-goes wrong be fun. And yes, I just admitted to being jazzed about Star Wars in Concert after also admitting in a previous post that I ordered a real wand online. (It's awesome! Don't judge me. JEALOUS!)

So tomorrow I'm going to 1) Take my kids (including Ellen) to Where the Wild Things Are. 2) Drive to Salt Lake and check into a hotel across the street from Energy Solutions Arena (I've thought of everything--no late night driving home after the concert or finding a parking space at the venue!) 3) Take my 4 kids swimming by myself. 4) Eat dinner in the big city with my 4 kids. 5) Take my 4 kids to see Star Wars in Concert at 8 pm.

Yep. 8 pm. I know it's a recipe for disaster. . . but let's just see what happens, shall we? I'll be wearing a backpack full of suckers so I might just beat the odds. Wish me luck!


  1. You'll do fine. Think positive. I bet the kids are way excited for the hotel. Good call on the backpack o' goodness.

  2. The Star Wars concert was just here and I really wanted to go, but I didn't actually go for all of the reasons you just listed.

  3. so was there never actually a deer hunt? i feel so disillusioned now.

  4. Just waiting for the follow up post to this. And there WILL be a follow up post, right?

  5. You've thought of everything! Sounds like fun. As the mother of 4 and the wife of a traveling salesman, when the kids were little it was often me and the kids against the world, going on trips, hikes, outings and of course, grocery shopping( the worst!).
    I've never understood people's attitude of puzzled wonder when they hear of moms doing "daring" things with their kids.

  6. There was a deer hunt - probably still is in some locales.

    Just read Doug Thayer if you don't believe me.

    Or ask your dad!

    But we never did much more than have Cheerios for dinner and watch lots of T.V.

  7. Good luck...and may the force be with you...

  8. You have to post how it goes-we are thinking about going to the one in Charlotte. want to know if it is worth the cash for the stay-cay that would probably end up a bigger hassle than a real vaycay!


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