Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Best Thing About Blogging

Sometimes I get jealous that I don't get a lot of money or free stuff for blogging. But in my heart of hearts I don't care about that stuff and I love blogging. I love blogging because it gets me to write.

I have always thought I should be a writer. Before I could read or write, I had this notion of creating a series of children's stories called the Hush-a-Bye Pea Stories. In grade school teachers always told me I could be a writer. But they say that to anyone who can't draw and is dumb at math, so you can't go by them. One of my best childhood memories--and I have a freakishly vivid memory of my childhood--was a writing assignment in 4th grade. That's the year you learn Utah History. I wrote in the voice of fur trapper Jim Bridger. I said, "Yee-haw!" and talked about meeting up with Father Escalante to retrieve a cache of furs. It was good and I was proud of it. It wasn't copied out of the encyclopedia like all of my other "writing."

There was only one good thing I wrote all through high school. It was a story for English in 10th grade, which my teacher thought was really funny. I don't think it's actually good writing. The funniness of it relies on a story I heard in Sunday School about a boy who used to get to church early to hide his feet under the pews because he had to wear nurse's shoes. So maybe it's not timeless or universal in it's themes. But still. It's those teacher comments in red pen that stay with you. In this case, "Hilarious!"

The only other memorable writing I did before I started my blog was a paper I wrote as a graduate student. It was a personal narrative and my teacher loved it. He said, "Excellent voice! Inviting, while at the same time keeping the reader at bay." I loved that. I still love that. It's exactly what I want to do--invite people in while keeping them at bay. I also remember a comment from a different teacher in graduate school: "Do you even know how to write a paper?" So, mixed reviews in college.

There is a bit of awful writing in the form of a comment I wrote on one of my student's papers several years ago. I hate to even tell you about it because I am so embarrassed of myself for saying it. I think the paper was about a forest fire and when I was grading it there was a fire up in the mountains. I wrote conversationally in red pen, "As I write this, I'm watching as a fire rages up Y Mountain. . . blah blah." BLEK! I really hate myself for saying that. Rages? It's not so horrible, I guess--but I would NEVER say it in real life and (here's the worst part) I only said it because it sounded like something a writing teacher would write. So I did. Gag. I regret it.

For the most part I don't regret my blog posts. And if it weren't for blogging I would write nothing. My husband thinks I am funny and awesome in my blogs so it lets me get away with being just a bit more schleppy and drab in real life. I think this is the case, too, with a few other people who read my blog and know me in real life. So that is a plus. It also gives me something to talk about with other people who blog. Blogging is a good topic--it's almost completely effortless for me to talk about it.

One of the best perks of blogging, however, is the people I've met through blogging. I have good friends who have nothing to do with blogging of course, but my best friends all read my blog and like it and talk about it. And most of the best friends I have now I met through blogging. That is, I didn't even know them until we started reading each other's blogs and now we know each other and are friends. It's a pretty good thing for me. I don't make friends easily, at least not friends I really like. I've been blogging since 2004. That's six years! It's longer than high school. And many people have lifelong friends they met in just four years of high school (lest you think blogfriends don't endure).

It was through my blog that an editor from Parents Magazine found me and asked me to write for them which is WONDERFUL and AMAZING and makes me feel fancy and great and even like a legitimate writer for a few seconds until I remember how Mr. Rutter wouldn't let me into Creative Writing when I was a senior because, well, there's really no nice way to say this--I wasn't good at writing (that's when I learned not to try for things) and of course the whole, "Do you even know how to write a paper?" (See above.) Actually, I have Design Mom to thank for the Parent's gig because she referred them to my blog. There again, bloggity blogness making the world go round. PS: I know Gabby in real life and we go way back. So don't bug her and try to get her to get Parents Magazine to hire you. I DON'T NEED THE COMPETITION. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO WRITE A PAPER.

And finally there is something so dear to me that I almost hate to write about it--but since it is St. Patrick's day and all--it is through my blog that I met and began a correspondence with my beloved Frank Delaney. And by "meeting" and "corresponding with" I mean that I "regularly take advantage of his politeness" on "Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail." But it doesn't matter! It makes me happy. I wrote blogs about his books (because they are good and I like them) which he, apparently, read. Or heard about. Or maybe it was a fluke. Or maybe it's a joke. Whatever the case, he humors me. And to get an LOL out of Frank Delaney every now and then is a real treat. A real treat. Thank you, blogging.

So I love blogging. Do you love blogging? Does blogging sometimes leave you cold? Ever wish you got more free stuff as a result of blogging? Well my friend, try using your blog as a vehicle for stalking. You won't be sorry. THEY'LL BE SORRY. THEY'RE THE ONES WHO'LL BE SORRY.

Maniacal laughing.

The end.

(Hey Conan O'Brien, Google yourself much? Welcome to my blog. Mind if I add you as a "friend"?)


  1. Mr Rutter obviously doesn't know what he was talking about, not letting you into creative writing.

    I stalk you through your blog.

  2. I used to stalk you, too! Now I pester you with comments because you are a terrific writer, it's true.
    a. I am a little to a lot bit in love with Conan O'Brien.
    b. I really love blogging and reading blogs.
    c. There are a lot of people out there who really suck at writing and should not blog.
    d. But sometimes they're accidentally hilarious so I'm glad they blog so I can laugh at them and make fun of them with my friends and family.
    e. I blog happily without the reward of fame and free stuff, but it would still be nice to have. Specifically new clothes.

  3. i love blogging for those same reasons. i've met so many random people through my blog. it also makes me feel popular. obviously not as popular as you because i don't have as many "followers." i don't agree that i don't regret anything i've written, because i've been writing since jan. 2002 and in jan. 2002 i was 16. so. i try not to think about that. and for the record, i don't remember anything that you wrote on any of my papers freshman year, so rest assured i won't judge you for any weird comments you may have written. because i was probably a horrible writer maybe it's better that i don't remember anything about that class except for when you put up overhead transparencies with pictures of your children and ben was just a baby.

    finally, do you ever wish that conan picked YOU to follow on twitter and then you could afford to have the wedding of your dreams?

  4. Mr. Rutter talks about eating cats. So... his opinion doesn't count for much.

    But Mr. Williams' daughter reads your blog (that's me). So, somebody from PHS thinks your writing is awesome.

    If I were Conan I'd totally friend you.

  5. You should be getting lots of free stuff, but you would only accept the stuff you really like or would use because you have artistic integrity, and that's even more reason why you should be getting awesome free stuff.

    Topher first told me about blogs, years ago, and then a week later Ben Blair and I talked about your blog as "the best." And now we're friends. Blogging is the best! (and your blog is the best one because you're "a real writer")

  6. The best thing about blogging is stalking your blog. I dreamed last week that we were friends and it was awesome because you made me laugh every day. Which technically you do when I read your blog. Anyhoo....
    I like blogging.

  7. I actually avoid free stuff from blogging. I realized the payoff I get is in feeling proud of my writing and in comments and new friends. I don't need more.

    I was always told I was a good writer. But that is because my Mom wrote all my papers and assignments for me. She was very good. She got like 10 items published in my high school literary magazine.

    As a history major, my professors liked my writing and wanted me to publish stuff, but I was too lazy (plus I wasn't sure my footnotes were perfect.) Blogging is lots more fun than writing history papers. You can say things like 'lots'.

  8. Also, I think I will start stalking Mark Helprin. Thanks for the idea

  9. I don't stalk you. I stalk Dede, though, who evidently stalks you, so maybe that is indirect stalking.

  10. Conan9:42 AM

    Nice blog.

  11. I love blogging too. I am no where near as clever as you in my writing, so I just write about my family and that makes me happy. It helps me see all the good going on and makes me feel like a better mom.

    I love reading blogs like yours because I feel like I am having an interesting conversation and it lets me peek into my friends lives and minds whenever I get the urge to (sometimes late at night.) I feel more connected to friends I rarely see and they can be connected to me.

    And...I just purchased a book of a year of my blogging which means I am a published writer. Ha, Ha.

  12. I've stalked you for years! I feel weird that I don't know how many years...but don't feel bad, I'm not exactly sure how long *I've* been blogging. But we were talking about you...

    I love that you blog. (I tolerate myself blogging.) Your blogging never leaves me cold. (My blogging often does.)

    I wish free stuff and money for you.

    I love Conan.

  13. Dang. If I had known you couldn't write, I wouldn't have copied off your paper in grad school.

    P.S. Word verification: "bleste." What is that, Olde Englishe?

  14. I stalk Dede too!

    Did you ever have Mrs. Marshall? She told my mother that I was afraid of her. What?! Me? Afraid of someone? Only Grace would get away with that...

    Never had a class from Mr. Rutter. Did I miss anything?

  15. Well, Mr. Rutter DID let me into his creative writing class, and your blog is way more popular than mine. So, it seems you've won.

    And, also, Mr. Rutter is/was/always will be, an ass.

  16. I love you and I love blogging. I mean writing. I'm got at it. Mostly.

  17. I had Mr Rutter. The nicest thing he wrote on a paper of mine was, "You don't hold a backseat to Nate." Which, when I think about it, is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. But then, he also had a sticker on his wall that said, "Charlton Heston is my President," so, you know.

  18. I blog because I love to write too. And wanted to write where editors didn't say "no thank you" every month to me.
    And my husband thinks my blog is cool. So does my sister. In fact my sister has to hear about blog questions and post edits and comments I get (or don't get) pretty much everyday. (God bless her.)
    Thanks for helping me remember today.
    Keep blogging! And I will too!

  19. Staci D.7:40 PM

    I think we need to form a support group. Mr. Rutter wouldn't let me into his class either. He claimed I would be a distraction. To which I said, "What about your face?" Oh wait, that's what I wish I'd said.

  20. Hello! Stalker here... I can't remember how I found your blog but I've been reading for a few months. I usually subscribe to blogs that make me laugh out loud. I don't know what it means to be a good writer but laughter is important and your blog makes me laugh.

  21. What I've found about the free stuff is that it costs more than I expected. There have been several times where I've thought something along the lines of, "Ack, I could have BOUGHT that for $5/$50/$whatever and then I wouldn't have to be doing this!"

  22. I plagiarized a Dr. Seuss book for a creative writing paper in high school, so needless to say I didn't predict much of a writing future for me.

    Which is probably why I majored in Family Science.

    But now! Because of blogging not only can I say I know the girl who was published in Parents Magazine, but I get to say, "Dude. She and I totally shared a plate of fries once." And it improves my street cred.

  23. I was a feeble writer all through school (I mean, I was great in 5th grade). I got awful grades, but I like to think it was just because I hadn't found my voice.

    You aren't drab and schleppy at all! You are funny and interesting and I would love to talk for hours. Maybe next time I'm in town. I mean, there's such thing as a phone, but seeing as how you're anti-social and all . . . .

    I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I have only made it halfway through Ireland. I totally like it, I don't know what my problem is. I just have to be in the right mood, I guess.

  24. I,too, always thought I wanted to be a writer. But people who really want to be writers actually sit down every day and write. They don't make excuses. They are driven.

    I'm not driven I guess. So I'm glad they came up with blogging, because it makes me feel like a writer too.

    And it doesn't require so much devotion.

    And sometimes I wish I knew all your friends so that I'd want to wade through all the comments. I just look for the ones from Hannah, Eliza or Phoebe!

    Or the replies from you!

  25. Hey Kacy, I've no idea how i started reading your blog and as a sports 'n politics kind of a guy i shouldnt really enjoy it but i do, thanks for your insight humour and upbeat look on life. PW

  26. I started reading your blog because a friend's blog quoted your parenting advice from the Parent's article and I thought you were refreshingly hilarious. I like how you're not pretending to be a perfect mommy who always loves every minute w/her children and glories in all the mundane aspects of domesticity. Those women are boring. You make me laugh...thank you.

  27. I heart this post. A lot.

  28. I think you're funny and interesting in real life too. I wish we were neighbors, I would regularly come borrow jello mixes.

    Now I feel bad that Frank Delaney visited your blog. I hope he didn't read the comment where I said his books were depressing. I actually meant BRILLIANT AND DEPRESSING. Everyone at book club cried buckets of tears. So there's that.

    I'm fond of blogging. Not sure if I'm particularly fond of how I'm blogging right now, but - fond of blogging in general. (And I don't get free stuff either. Obviously I'm doing it wrong.)

  29. When I have to move across the country, reading my friends' blogs is going to keep me sane. Until I get up the courage to talk to new people in real life. But that could take years!

  30. I think I have a blush on you. Or a blogush. Or something. Anyway, I know I have a blog crush on you. keep writing!!

  31. stalking! one of the few things i do quite well. lol.

  32. Dear Kacy, I sort of am in love with you? Maybe like how you are in love with Frank Delaney? You are le cool.

  33. We're all a litle wackadoo. You have been given a talent for writing and I'm glad you share it. I was reading my first Dean Koontz book "a big litle life" and he said 80% of writers were schitzos." and his wife responded, "Really? Only 80%?". My guess is you're in the 20:)

  34. I know absolutely nothing about writing, but it has always been my "outlet," because I'm not always a great conversationalist. Before I knew about blogging, I wrote in a notebook with no spell check or backspace, and lots of hand cramping. Someday when I'm old I will credit Blogger with keeping me safe from a raging (does it sound more natural here?) case of arthritis. And then. THEN I will get free stuff.

  35. Thanks for all the affirming comments. I really expected someone to say, "Don't you even know how to write a blog?" But no one did. That was nice.

  36. I also love blogging. That's why I absolutely had to write my Master's thesis about it!

  37. This is a really old post so you probably won't read this--but--I wanted to answer your questions:

    -Do you love blogging? YES
    -Does blogging sometimes leave you cold? YES
    -Ever wish you got more free stuff as a result of blogging? NOT REALLY...but I have gained friends and enriched friendships through blogging so maybe that is enough? Also I don't think many advertisers out there are interested in putting ads on private blogs. Could that be my problem? Maybe there is a niche for private blog ads. Maybe I could get that started.

    I can't believe I said "enriched friendships through blogging," I only said it because it sounded like something an English major would say. Actually I only said it because I couldn't think of another word besides "enriched."

  38. I not sure how i got to thid post I think i clicked a link on Design moms page which took me to something called kirtsy then i kept clicking and ended up here :)

    1)I love bloggin one could actually say I am addicted.
    2)Yes it leave me feeling cold especially when I am looking for comments that I didn't know I cared about and then I am CRUSHED when no one stopped by and said yeah or nay to my masterpiece post! :(
    3) I didn't think i liked writing until I got carried away with blogging.
    4) I am not a great writer but I did have a professor write twice on a paper that she loved my style of writing and just like you I had another professor simultaneously rip my paper to shreds because of how much is sucked at it. She was a journalist so needless to say I listened to her and didn't become a journalist... yes I am a chicken :)
    5)Not sure if I want free gifts but I guess it would be nice.
    6) There are some people I just love to visit on their site and I comment all over them I guess I am a fabulous stalker. I don't have any of those loyal people.

    Buit I do love blogging and now writing and it has been wonderful reading you so I join in the group that thinks you are a great writer because it was long but I read all if it and giggled and agreed to the end.

    wow boy can I ramble.
    now I am off to check out the rest of the site... Thumbs up to you on the Parent MAg gig!

  39. What a great idea like it too much.......


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