Wednesday, May 05, 2010

"Because Now You Know this Show is Willing and Capable of Killing Anyone"

That's what the producers of Lost said today. [Spoiler Alert] So brace yourselves. I think everyone might die on the island. Maybe only Jack will survive as the new Jacob until the day he brings (or they come or are sent) all the  Lost progeny to the island (Aaron, David, Charlie, Ji Yeon?) to once and for all kill the Man in Black. Remember, you can only stab him if he hasn't talked to you. I don't know. That's just one idea off the top of my head. Here are others:

Next week I think we'll find out that Jacob and the Man in Black are brothers. That seems fitting. We'll get to see their whacked-out mom and who knows, maybe the Man in Black will kill her. Maybe Man in Black will be presented in such a way so as to create some sympathy for him, but I doubt it. There's not enough time. I'm pretty sure he's just plain evil. The main thing I want from next week's episode is to find out the "rules" and details of the "game" we're all so into. That's what I need to know.

Sun and Jin's deaths were sad but fitting in the context of the island. People die when their issues are worked out--remember how Charlie died after beating his drug addiction? Sun and Jin's issues have been worked out. They fixed their marriage. I thought it was quite lovely, in fact, that that was their purpose, and that was enough. I guess the Lost producers believe in the sanctity of marriage. Good for them--I do too. Jin and Sun also have a baby who might become important later. I keep coming back to this: Which Kwon is a candidate? It's Ji Yeon--the baby who is now an orphan being raised by her grandma but who will be born into a happy family in the alternate time line.

Speaking of the alternate timeline, what is it? I believe that if I think about it hard enough and long enough I can figure it out. The producers have told us that the relationship between island time and alternate time is THE big secret. I have puzzled out a few guesses.  The alternate timeline could be what happened when Juliet detonated jughead. Jack said they had to do it and if it worked "none of this would ever happen" so maybe it's that. Juliet did say [through Miles who has a gift at divining this sort of thing] "it worked." I believe it did work and we will see Juliet in the end and her cryptic ramblings about going dutch for coffee will make sense. And her hips will be wide, her stance manly, and her lips pursed.

My current pet theory, however, is that the alternate time line is actually after whatever is happening on the island "now" and is the result of whatever they do now on-island which will include Desmond messing with time to create(?) the alternate time line. Since the island is on the ocean floor in the alternate time line it makes sense that all the hullabaloo happening on the island with pockets of unstable electromagnetism will somehow result in the island being buried with water in the ocean. Maybe the alternate time line is a loophole for the good guys--a possible future which makes island sacrifices bearable and worthwhile.  This seems right, but I don't now why or how. And their awareness/memory of the island time line is going to make them do something (like raise their children or appreciate their soul mates) to defeat the Man in Black. Or maybe they all go to hell.

Another idea I had was that the alternate time line is a world where Jacob doesn't interfere at all--he's not pulling strings to get people to the island. This doesn't really make sense.

Of course another possibility is that the alternate time line is something I haven't thought of and can not even comprehend in the same way that I could not comprehend Marty McFly getting his own parents together before I saw Back to the Future. I hope so. But I also hope I'm right about something because that is truly satisfying. Case in point: Sayid blew up just like the Professional. As I predicted--It's the only fitting end to a repentant assassin.

For me the saddest part about last night's Lost is that it's almost over and in three weeks I will be forced to live in an alternate reality where Lost does not exist. Life might not have meaning there. I don't know yet. I also don't know if I will be in a wheel chair there.


  1. I feel like I'm the only one who wasn't sad for the end of Jin, Sun, and Sayid. Truly.

    Their arcs were done, there was no place else for them to go. Sayid, especially, was done a long time ago. The ONLY reason he hadn't died yet is that he needed to redeem himself after turning dark. Once Desmond (again, Desmond) had the convo with him, Sayid straightened up (which we knew because he didn't actually kill Desmond AND he stopped looking dead in the eyes.) As soon as Sayid worked out his issues, he was ready to die. And there's no better way for him to die than to sacrifice himself.

    Jin and Sun were also finished. They found each other and stayed together. Fin.

    An intriguing thing was Anthony Cooper, Locke's father. Can we take this to mean that he was never a con-man? So Sawyer's alt-life wasn't in the same kind of shambles?

    I don't respect shows that don't kill off or get rid of people once their parts are done. Lost needed to get rid of those people to finish the story.

    Next: Kate.

  2. Well...shoot! I thought you were talking about the real know, Jack Bauer!!!
    Never watched Lost (sorry), but
    "24"? Yeah, I'm all over that! :)

  3. I cannot even fathom my life in a couple of weeks when Lost is done. That is what I'm mourning for as well.
    Sawyer is still looking for Anthony Cooper in the alternate time line so he must have been a con man at some point.
    It's true, Kate is dialing it in. Time to go.
    I cannot even begin to think what the relationship between the alternate time line and the island is so good for you for having some theories. I'm just not smart enough.

  4. I watch The Office.

  5. Freak! Those people DIE? I'm so season 3. Still.

  6. Anytime time travel/time lines are involved I have a mental shutdown. Time theories completely baffle me.

    But I like the idea of Jacob not interfering in the alternate timeline except for the fact that Desmond seems to be doing it now. I don't think he was trying to kill Locke but just trying to get him to interact with Jack. I have no idea why though.

  7. i totes agree with azucar. it felt right that they were the ones to go. i was a little sad but not surprised AT ALL. it felt right! and thank goodness sayid didn't die a crazy man.

    my frustration is that i can't pick up on any sort of clue. i'm not piecing anything together, and it seems the writers are just kind of making this up as they go along. my friend jacob pointed out that the fun of the show is going to the message board and figuring out theories based on everyone's input... do the writers base their writing on what they see on message boards? haha.

    i posted a facebook status update saying "so... who wants to talk about LOST?" and i got 38 comments with all kinds of crazy theories. and most everyone agreed that the series finale won't resolve anything. that stresses me out!!!!!!!

  8. This? This is the best:

    And her hips will be wide, her stance manly, and her lips pursed.

  9. I hope that when it all ends, in this "alternate reality" that you aren't in a wheelchair: A mental wheelchair where your theories are off and where you sit, stunned at what happened or didn't happen. When Lost ends, I hope I'm not like Anthony Cooper, sitting in a dazed state of confusion and drooling.

    I find a lot of comfort in the fact that everyone's working out their darkness: Sayid, Jin, Sun, etc, but I can't figure out what Hurley or Kate have to work out. Why was Kate crossed of the list SPECIFICALLY, and is there any significance with Hurley getting to "play the leader" a couple of episodes back? Also, I need to know what Daniel is doing. Is he an observer or puppet master like Desmond?

    Starting. . . to. . .drool. . . at the. . thought. . .

  10. Question: when Jack's dad kept mysteriously appearing to Jack telling him he's not supposed to raise Aaron, that he's supposed to go back to the island. Was THAT the Man in Black using the dad's body? Because I thought he couldn't get off the island. Or was it just a ghost like Hurley sees? I've been wondering about that.

  11. Some of my ideas that don't make sense:

    Maybe Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking are the parents of Jacob and MIB (I think they are bros, too). I mean, what is their deal and why do they know and care so much?

    Will Walt return?

    Are Aaron and Ji Yeon the future MIB and Jacob, respectively?

    Whatever happens, I don't want Kate to get Jack or Sawyer.

  12. I tried to squeeze out a tear for Jin and Sun and Sayid, but I couldn't do it. Had to scrunch up my eyes just to get satisfactory watering.

    I'm both looking forward to and dreading the last three episodes, because I'm afraid there won't be a payoff. I don't have a pet theory or a way that I "want" it to happen, I just want there to be a few "HOLY CRAP NOW I GET IT" moments, and a satisfactory emotional payoff. The least they could do after five years.

  13. The only thing that irritated me about the Jin/Sun wipe out was Jin never got to physically see his daughter- how lame is that? I think they tried to wrap that loose end up with a few snap shots on Sun's camera and decided to call that closure- what the ???? If I was Sun I would have reminded him to keep living for our daughter- to somehow get off the island and be reunited with a part of me that was still living. I guess that would have taken quite a tangent from the original "love story" that was the primary focus- but still...And another thing, do you think the children of the main characters will have something to do with the ending? I don't know just spit ballin'.....

  14. I am happy for Sun and Jin. They are finally done with the crazy island life, they died together. Sayid too, I was really worried that he would not come back from the dark side but it was so satisfying to see him sacrifice himself for the greater good.

    I am most pleased with Jack lately, his turn to a man of faith instead of a man of science. I hated him as a man of science because he acted like a whiny baby. He's so much more likable as a character now.

    My favorite part of the entire episode is when Jack realized (or theorized) that Flocke cannot kill them, and that Flocke was trying to get them to kill each other. I kept hearing the words "You have no power over me" from Labrynth. Man I love David Bowie, why isn't he in Lost?

    As for theories, I feel like Eloise knows it all up there underneath her silvery bun. I am just enjoying the ride while I wait for her to fill us in.

  15. If the big secret is that the flash sideways is just what had happened if the bomb worked I will be completely disappointed because I thought that was a given and there was more to understand. Boo to that.

  16. The second to last episode is called "What they died for" so I think the alternate timeline is what they will die for. I just don't know how.

  17. OMG, you guys deserve honorary graduate degrees--MA in LOST Theory-- for this stuff. I'm gonna go watch "Ice, Ice Baby" on Glee for the 100th time. Bye.

  18. I have some thoughts.

    First, a rule: Not-Locke can't kill them himself? What? This made my brain explode.

    Also: Juliet has that weird divot in her nose and it always distracts me.

    I agree with Zucar (can I call you Zucar?) and the Kwons and Sayid dying and feeling like it was done. The first time I decided I really loved Lost was when I started noticing how people would be killed off after having their "come to Jesus moment." It was the first time I realized I understood any part of this nonsense show at all, and I got hooked. So, it was time. Sad though that nobody thought to say "Jin you should live so our child has a parent," but whatever.

    I would be really surprised if the daughter was a candidate or is in any way involved in the show, just like I'm sure we'll probably never find out why Kate is no longer a candidate (though I figure it probably has something to do with taking Aaron off the island? Priorities shifting for her?)

    Another thought: Possibly the sideways world where everyone is so happy is a world in which Jacob never existed at all? Which makes me think the fact that these characters are still drawn to each other and are still benefitting each other's lives is a slap in the face to Jacob and all of his "divine interference" that seemed to ruin all of their lives.

  19. You can call me that, Nat.

    I don't buy that Jacob has no pull in the alternate reality. Jacob was in play LONG BEFORE the bomb went off setting the alternate reality in play. Unless, of course, like Kacy's talked about that it's not just a flash sideways starting at a certain historical point, but something completely different that exists outside of the island altogether.

  20. "manly stance?"...from the woman who wants to look like a female House? That made me giggle. I love your blog.

  21. Will you go to this?


  23. Um, I want to go to that LOST movie thing. May 20, 6 pm?

  24. Theory:

    Maybe the Island is like the pre-existence and based on the decisions they make on the island they earn their lot in the alternate reality (mortality).

    Call me crazy, but I could swear that we already KNOW that Jacob and the Man In Black are brothers.

  25. How glad am I that I found your blog. I don't know ANYONE who watches Lost and I've been puzzling over it for months, every since I realized that ALL the episodes from past seasons were on Hulu, and watched them all. I'm glad your post is dated ten days ago so I can marvel at your predictions of Jacob and MIB and their mom, etc. You've given this a lot of thought.


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