Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Sundries

Out with the old, in with the new. Here are some of the last few ideas I had from 2010.
  • Reality TV is changing the way my 3 year old plays. I played restaurant. She plays cooking show. I played dress up. She plays What Not to Wear. She talks about what the audience is going to think about things. It's kind of sick to think about. But oh well. (Note to self: Tweet this later.)
  • After years of feeling like I felt when I was a kid, suddenly I feel like an old person. Everything about listening to music has changed since I was little--that always happens to old people. And the other day I was talking to Christian on the phone and I said "I don't like to toot my own horn." The kids heard me and died laughing. I didn't initially seen anything funny about it, just like an old person. Also, I am unabashedly nostalgic for things from my childhood even when I know marketers are taking advantage of this. I liked Tron because it felt like a giant loud meatball of a movie from the 80s complete with an androgynous, high-stepping, white-tuxedo-wearing, cane-wielding villain who would have normally been played by David Bowie. Another thing that makes me seem like an old person is that when I was growing up the last day of school was "Field Day." We had all kinds of races and snow cones. One of the races was a "gunny sack" race so you had to bring a gunny sack--and everyone had one. Get me--I'm Pa. I have no idea where I would get a gunny sack now if I needed one. 
  • I have spent years editing my life so I don't have to do things I don't want to do. The main reason for this is that when I do things I don't want to do, I am unhappy. The other day I had the notion of being being more generous with my time and less discriminating about how I spend it and then I ended up doing stuff I didn't want to and it totally bummed me out. 
  • The Book Thief was the best book I read this year.
  • True Grit was my favorite movie of the year. I think when a western is good, there is nothing better. I like how the Coen brothers made True Grit quirky (the dialog, accents, dislike for Indians, violence) without making fun of it. Also, I always love a movie with meaningful non-romantic relationships because even though romantic relationships are very special and important, married people like me really only have one of them that endures. Everyone else you interact with is non-romantic (or should be) and those can be interesting too. They can happen with friends, horses, siblings, but especially with curmudgeons. I long for a meaningful non-romantic relationship with a curmudgeon. 
  • Sometimes I actually think I could be friends with anyone I wanted to if I would just make enough of an effort. Other times I realize that a lot of people don't think I'm funny or nice. And then I think about all the people I hate and I surmise that a lot of people probably hate me too.  I respect that and don't want to be too pushy about being friends with anyone. 
  • I think Kenneth on 30 Rock looks like JimBob Duggar. 
  • I don't really like any new shows on TV right now. It's sad because as a rule I am pro-TV. 
  • Tom and Jerry still seems funny to me, but Itchy and Scratchy will always be funnier.  
I hope I have some more ideas in 2011. If I do, I will write them here on my blog. 


  1. I loved True Grit, too, even though they left out my favorite line from the first movie when Mattie tells LaBoeuf that he cultivates his hair like lettuce. But maybe that wasn't in the book. Also there is a whole conversation in the first movie about corn dodgers (which Rooster is eating) that my family wrote on my and Neil's honeymoon car. You know, instead of the totally cliche "Just Married." The new True Grit made me nostalgic for the old one, but I also loved it all on it's own.

  2. I loved The Book Thief. It totally lived up to the hype, it was really great. And I really laughed at your Jim Bob Duggar and Kenneth comparison- right on.

  3. The thing about being/not being friends with everyone is so completely awesome, I think I have a testimony of the entire sentiment.

  4. I think you're funny, though gunny sacks must be a Provo thing -- I never saw a single on in my childhood.

  5. agreed about the new shows....but we recently gave in and have been watching outsourced. the acting is bad, and it's not super interesting (and apparently everyone from kansas city eats ribs all day), but it's in india and has awesome accents and makes fun of america, so we're giving it a go. also, do you not like raising hope?

  6. I just started the Book Thief and I dunno. I'm not into it. I should keep reading, right?

  7. I know several curmudgeons.
    I could introduce you.

  8. A meaningful non-romantic relationship with a curmudgeon is all we can ask for, really. I wish that for you in 2011.

  9. I loved The Book Thief!! Thank you for the recommendation. I'm telling everyone I know to read it. I want to know more. I read somewhere (review on Amazon) that the story is based on the author's grandmother. Do you know?

  10. Well, since I liked the Book Thief and True Grit - and I know exactly where to locate a gunny sack - I guess I am an old person too!!

    And I don't like to toot my own horn either!

  11. I got your non-romantic curmudgeon right here, sister. Bring it.

  12. You have introduced me to resolutions I didn't know I needed to make. #1-cultivating a meaningful relationship with a curmudgeon.

    Thank you!!!!

  13. Funny posting. I loved True Grit, too. Have you watched Hawaii 5-0? The dialogue has been quite entertaining. I think we'd be friends because I think you're funny.

    Happy New Year.

  14. I always think about how different TV is now... My kids watch cable stations and DVDs. No marathons of old reruns for them because "nothing else is on." They may live their whole lives without ever seeing an episode of The Facts of Life or Laverne and Shirley. I find this disturbing. Just one of the things that keeps me up at night...

    Just catching up on about 2 months of blog reading. I loved Ellen and the dogs. Happy 2011 to you!

  15. On editing your life- I loved that. I feel the same way- except that my deal is that I was friends with and dated so many assholes, liars and cheats until I got sober and turned my life around. Ever since then, if I have to deal with someone or a situation that involves addict like behavior I get PISSED. I CHOOSE now to live without that pain and BS, so when I try to be nice, and give a little here and help at little there- and I get screwed it just makes me mad.


  16. This post mostly made me incredibly grateful that you don't hate me.

    One of my favorite things about True Grit was that I couldn't understand half of what Jeff Bridges said, and yet that was the beauty of his character. Awesome.


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