Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Blog on Christmas

Since blogging is not my "job" there is no need for me to "take time off" around Christmas. Isn't that great!

Christmas was so fun. The only drawback for everyone, I think, is that you've spent so much time thinking about and doing special things for your kids et al and sometimes it only makes everyone seem all the more disappointing and ungrateful. Know what I mean? I think it happens to everyone though so don't fret. Just numb yourself with candy. And enjoy your presents! Along with the true meaning of Christmas, of course.

Here's a dump from my camera which will, I hope, tell the story of Christmas. First of all, sadness:
We drove by the first day of Christmas break. There's not much to say about it. Remember when the Provo Library looked so awful, crappy, vandalized, and devil-worshippy? Remember the sign it bore for years of raising money? "Let me be your beautiful library!" I imagine it talking in a slow, low voice with really big lips and bug eyes: "Let me be your beeeeyooooteeeful li-barry!" Why would I personify the library as kind of dopey? Well, now I wouldn't. Because it's so beautiful! Never forget.
 Ben gave a talk last Sunday. Christian was gone all week but because of Ben's LOVE of public speaking it was a JOY to prepare for. Oh, take my word for it--a joy! After church we rushed to my Mom's family Christmas party with all my aunts and cousins. It was like this:

Note to Carly who wasn't there: That is Wanda's hair in the foreground! She looks just like Jesse! Wish you were there.

Note to Everyone: Jesse is our cousin who has a wooden leg. We don't see her a lot now but we used to be very afraid of her. She got her wooden leg because she is deaf and mute and was riding her unicycle on some railroad tracks and didn't hear a train coming. (Just getting you up to speed.)And that's why I can never, ever write a personal memoir--because I would be accused of plagiarizing some obscure Flannery O'Connor story. All true.

Then is snowed. It was very deep and very heavy. I shoveled it. There are a lot of generous people in my ward who shovel the widows' driveways. I think they are trying to teach Christian to not go out of town so much and to take care of his own shoveling. Boy, do I agree!
The kids got pajamas on Christmas Eve. Surprise!

Look what Ellen got:
Look what Sam got:
Listen to what I can hear now:
Too young to remember Discorilla? Well, then you should get some sleep because it's pwobably past yoh bedtime.

Here's something boring to watch but fun for Maggie, Ben, and Sam to get for Christmas:

And here's what my imaginative kids got me for Christmas. I was so surprised:
It makes me feel just like Peewee Herman. How did I get such thoughtful kids? What can I say? I don't make monkeys--I just train 'em. Ho ho ho.


  1. Love that bike! I just bought PeeWee's Big Adventure for my kids and my 15 year old thought it was just very weird. I'm so disappointed.

  2. I can't believe cousin Howard made it to the Kenney family Christmas party all the way from TN but I didn't come from measly old Rexburg. I am so jealous. That bike is awesome. How did they think of it? Now you just need a body-skimming gray gabardine suit, red bow tie, and some tall white shoes.

  3. That is awesome! Your kids are great~ and you gave them thoughtful, cool presents. You really have a talent for gift-giving and mixed-tape artistry. You deserve that bike! It's very pretty!

  4. And to think I always thought it was unrealistic when movies have people loose limbs because of trains. Legs I can sort of understand, but how did that kid lose an arm in Fried Green Tomatoes?

  5. Oh my. I didn't realize the Netherlands make bicycles. Very cool!

    BTW, you're related to some Kenneys? I have Kenneys for neighbors...

  6. I see that Ellen got a LaLaLoopsy doll. My Ellie got one too, she wanted one so badly she was singing some song about it all month...but don't you think they look a little scary? Like the other mother in Coraline? I had to lecture my older kids about not spoiling their little sister's Christmas with comments like, "that is so creepy how can you sleep with it in your room?" But I shouldn't talk. My favorite barbie had a scalp that turned around so she could have black or blond hair.

  7. Um, I got a blue girl beach cruiser for Christmas, too. But mine has flower stickers. I need to go basket and bell shopping.

    I am not as familiar with PeeWee as I should be. I once lost a bet that he was the same guy who hosted Masterpiece and played Eli Gold on The Good Wife. Now I just affectionatly call him Masterpiece PeeWee.


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