Sunday, May 29, 2011

Reader, I Married Him

Last  night I saw the movie Jane Eyre. Just so we are clear, I've never read the book. I have read some books, but not that book. I think I would like it. I loved Wuthering Heights and they seem similar with the soul mates and the heather and the whatnot. I had to read Wuthering Heights in high school over Christmas break when I was a senior. I got chicken pox that year. My affliction was severe but I was dedicated so my memories of Wuthering Heights are restless and fever-stricken AS THEY SHOULD BE.

Here's a picture my mom took of me at that time with Heathcliff. 

So I'll spare you my sharp, expansive, literary criticism of Jane Eyre and just tell you how I liked the movie: I liked it. At first I was all, "This is way more boring than Thor." But I was quickly drawn in and by the end I found Jane Eyre very satisfying. Maybe even more satisfying than Thor which was (recall) pretty satisfying. I bet you wish I would stop talking about satisfaction. OK. I will.

In many ways the love story between Jane and Mr. Rochester is the exact opposite of the romance in Thor between Thor and, as luck would have it for this comparison, Jane. Basically the Jane in Thor is into Thor because he has a good body. But they don't really have interesting conversations and other than coyly spurning him for bad manners, Jane doesn't seem to have much of a hold on Thor--who can blame him, he is a God.  At first Thor comes across as a disheveled, homeless man who is out of his wits. As he gets further away from this image, Jane likes him more. But the opposite happens in Jane Eyre. It is into the arms of a disheveled homeless man that Jane [SPOILER] returns. Did not see that coming. It's such a great ending.

I guess Jane Eyre is supposedly no great beauty. But Mr. Rochester wants her anyway.  He loves her mind, cares what she thinks, and craves her soul. Do I love that idea because I am ugly and I want to be appreciated for my remarkable soul? Do I love that idea because I am beautiful and I want to be appreciated for my intriguing mind? Hard to say.
But you have to wonder about this Jane Eyre character. In the movie she meets two men and they are both strongly drawn to her soul. Is she just really passionate and awesome?  I have a hypothesis that there is a personality type that is good at making people feel like they have found their soul mate. I think Rashida Jones might be like that which would explain why some guy is keeping her on Parks and Recreation even though she is decidedly unfunny.

Mr. Rochester was kind of mean to Jane Eyre sometimes. I'm glad he went blind. I probably would have still married him though. It certainly don't hurt that he's Magneto!


  1. I've read Jane Eyre but not seen the movie, and GOODNESS that is not how I was imagining Mr. Rochester! I pictured him kind of shortish and portly, like Jimmy James on Newsradio, or Mr. Quigley on Ballykissangel.

  2. My prediction is the next trend in hipster baby naming will be names like Heathcliff, Fitzwilliam and St. John.

    You should read Jane Eyre it is REALLY GOOD. But maybe only if you haven't seen the movie.

  3. thanks for making me feel better about thinking rashida jones is not funny.

  4. Seriously, I have read a lot of books, and Jane Eyre is still my favorite of all time. If you liked Wuthering Heights, you should like Jane Eyre much more! Hopefully even after seeing the movie first? By the way, your blog is the funniest ever. I am a big fan.

  5. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Jane Eyre is my favourite book. I hope you read it and let us know what you think even if you don't like it. I also liked how Ann M. Dibb quoted from the book in her talk for YW Conference. Jerri

  6. I read Jane Eyre and totally loved it. Then I tried to watch an old Masterpiece Theater-esque mini series of the book and could not get into it. What movie is this and where can I get it? I completely love this story, but then again, I am one of those personality types that incites that soul mate passion in others. It's a real liability.

  7. Anonymous11:17 PM

    This post is amazing. Jane Eyre is one of my favourite books and I loved the movie. Funnily enough, Mr. Rochester is supposed to be ugly (well, not ugly - but not movie star handsome). The minieries with Toby Stephens from a few years back is also great.

    I think Jane's complete lack of ego is what makes her attractive to these guys.

  8. Anonymous12:57 AM

    Do yourself a favor and watch the Toby Stephenson version of Jane Eyre. BEST.VERSION.EVER!

  9. I have always loved Jane Eyre - book, all movies versions - even the mini-series.

    But the best movie is the old one with Orson Welles - truly.

    And you need to read the book. It's good on tape too. I've read the book a dozen times - and even knowing how it ends does not spoil it.

    Imagine being in a book group with the Bronte sisters??

  10. I love this idea of one of those personality types that incites that soul mate passion in others. Or the idea of a personality type that makes others feel smart or attractive. How subjective! But it WOULD explain Rashida Jones AND Andie MacDowell.

  11. I liked Jane Eyre too. I like to thing that I'm appealing because of my looks AND my mind. But who am I kidding?

    You're so random and funny. Who else could seamlessly bring together Thor, Jane Eyre AND Rashida Jones.

    Thank you!

  12. You astonish me. You really didn't read Jane Eyre? Now, you have to see the 2006 version of Jane Eyre by Masterpiece Theater (WGBH Boston Video) staring Toby Stevens and Ruth Wilson.

  13. Favorite book ever! and dang funny comparisons btw.

  14. Wow. You have read 10 trillion books and not Jane Eyre--I wouldn't have believed it. I think it is probably my favorite of that type. Wuthering Heights made me crazy. Anyway, there are other versions you must see. And there are many things that were left out. This is a must read.

  15. Anonymous9:41 PM

    I LOVED Jane Eyre (the book) as a teen. I think I haven't wanted to re-read it in case the magic is gone now that I'm into healthy relationships. I have the same fear about the Witch of Blackbird Pond. What if it can't live up to my romantic memories of it?

    I couldn't decide whether I liked this version of Jane Eyre. You should definitely try out the 2006 one for comparison. In this one I felt like Rochester's way of baiting her was annoying--he was too much like a very pesky 15-year-old with a bad crush. (It's better after he finally comes clean with her--but that's almost at the end of the movie.) Also I felt like there was better chemistry between her and St. John (that's how you write the name that's pronounced Sinjin in the movie) than between her and Rochester, which is just wrong.

    But then again, all the acting was fabulous, especially Jane's, and I LOVED the scene where she finally tells him off (and they get engaged). Maybe I need to see it again.

  16. totally cracking me up! I never thought about comparing Thor to Jane Eyre ... you must be quite the critical thinker :)

  17. So random, we have never met, but I found a link to your blog on my sister's blog. And I think we are soul mates. Can't wait for Jane Eyre to come out on DVD and Thor was not that bad...looking.


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