Wednesday, June 08, 2011

We Are Cowboys

We spent some time in Holden, UT on Memorial Day and went to Bryce Canyon last weekend. We're basically cowboys.

We walk on orange dirt.
We drive old rusted farm trucks.

We are ruthless jailers. Also, we're in jail.
We hold the reins with our left so we can rope with our right.

We are by log fences.

We are really involved with logs, actually.
We contemplate views.

We show unbridled enthusiasm sometimes...

But rarely.


  1. That nice one of the kids in the truck will undoubtedly end up black and white and on the inside flap of your book cover.

  2. I remember when you and I were cowboys in Bryce Canyon and we were supposed to kiss our horses when we went through a tunnel. I'm glad you are carrying on the tradition with your kids, too. They make great cowboys.

  3. But do you mount from the left? That is my question.

  4. I was noticing the other night at dinner that Ben is uncommonly cute. All of your kids are darn good-looking. He's sort of a River Phoenix cute. Like Stand by Me, not the weirder years.

  5. What an awesome trip! We were at Bryce Canyon last Saturday, but we didn't wear cowboy hats, hang out near old trucks, or go hike on red dirt, so it was decidedly less cool.

  6. Anonymous10:11 AM

    I'm proud to say these pics are definite indicators of the men wearing the hats, not the other way around.
    Could be they're cow-men born and bred.


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