Thursday, November 10, 2011

Picture Pages

Skeleton say, "I know the scriptures are true, man."

The 10th doctor and the 11th doctor, obviously.

Look who just came out of the Tardis!

Look who's going into the Tardis!

Mime, Ladybug, Cowboy, and Santa say, "Happy Halloween, man."

Mime say, "Oooops!"

I really hate it when people throw costumes together at the last minute.

In our family we weigh our candy, then sort it, then make a rainbow out of it, and then the children lay under it. Often the children will "trade" their candy in at the dentist's office: We bring in our cavities and swap them for fillings. KIDDING! We "trade" them in at the doctor's office: We bring in our obesity and swap it for insulin. KIDDING! We "trade" them in at school: We bring in hyper-activity and swap it for No Child Left Behind initiatives. I kid--we eat it.

Ellen took this picture of herself and I think she might be a goth now.

Don't you wish you had a big brother to paint your fingernails?
Have a nice day!


  1. I love your costumes and pics, but I mean, how irresponsible of you to just let your kids--gasp--eat their candy! I'm sure the fact that you do this during one day of the year means you are a bad mom. I'm just sure of it.

  2. Ben is a very good brother.

  3. I think I want to be a mime next year!!

  4. Came across your blog today by way of reading one, following another, following a comment .. and hear i am ...
    love your new resident goth ... and your bio. SO should've done that!

  5. Ellen is totally goth now. I have a few mixed tapes for her. Well done on Halloween. I didn't think you could top the Harry Potter Halloween of '10, and here you are, tardis and all.

  6. I do wish I had a big brother who would paint my nails. Alas, I have to hire Asians or walk around with great left hand and sucky right hand paint.

  7. Was Ben not allowed to wear his beard because of the Church no-mask rule? Lame.


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