Friday, February 10, 2012

Let's Don't Let a Good Thing Die

I like to keep a running list in my mind of my Top 50 Favorite Songs Ever. I'm not very close to having the whole list worked out, but I do know for sure that one of my top 50 favorite songs ever is Suspicious Minds. It's just one of my favorite songs. I think it is a great song. I think that pretty much every cover (even bad ones) of this song is good--and that's rare. I've made a playlist of Suspicious Minds. It's the only song on the list. I've included what I believe are the 4 best versions. The  Fine Young Cannibals cover is one of the most pleasant surprises from the 80s. It's actually, like, really good.  Also, the Waylon Jennings duet with Jessie Colter is really good but unavailable on Also,  Pete Yorn's is good.

I listen to this playlist all the time at home. I play it in the kitchen and my whole family listens to different versions of the same song over and over. I never get sick of it.

This post is dedicated to Elvis Aaron Presley. Some of my earliest childhood memories revolve around him, his voice, and the impression that he was a very special and beloved man who might even be my father. We were devoted to him and we grieve over the end of his troubled life.

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  1. I love this song and Elvis, too. My kids have the same feelings for Elvis, especially his Christmas music. Perhaps it's the holographic Christmas ornament with two pictures of him that plays "Hunk of Burning Love"? Or maybe it's just that they have impeccable taste.

  2. it's nice to be back in the states and be able to listen to your playlists.
    i, too, like covers - you already know the lyrics and that's half the battle, right?

  3. No including any of the hatchet jobs we get on Idol every year? Kills me when they insist on singing this song.
    For an extra $100 the Elvis at my vow renewal (best Elvis in Vegas BTW) would sing me an Elvis song of my choice. This was the one I wanted, but I didn't think it appropriate for the occasion. So, I kept the $$.

  4. Thank you. This is one of my very, very favorite Elvis songs.

  5. Oh this is one of my favourite songs ever! I love that you included Dwight Yoakum too. Nice.


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